How to Hydrate for Your Marathon or Half Marathon

How to Hydrate for Your Marathon or Half Marathon

Hydrate Ahead of Time

The key to good hydration on race day is in the days leading up to it. Make sure you hydrate well in the week before the event, and have a plan in mind for your race.

A good rule of thumb for running hydration is to drink 16 ounces before bed the night before your race. 2-3 hours before race start, drink 16-24 ounces of water, sports drink, or juice. This will ensure that you’ve topped off your tank prior to the event while also giving your kidneys plenty of time to process fluids.

Stay Hydrated

When running more than 90 minutes, runners should start drinking early and consume 4–8 ounces of fluid every 15–20 minutes in an effort to stay on top of hydration levels.

For some, this may be a bit much and can cause feelings of fullness late in the race, but the time to find out what works for you is prior to race day. Experiment on long runs in a variety of weather conditions and with different types of sports drinks to hone the hydration strategy that you’ll use during the race.

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