Indoor Training Tips To Boost Your Fitness

Indoor Training

When it’s cold outside, it’s hard to get outside to complete your long runs! Here are some Indoor Training Tips from, the official Magazine of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, to keep you training throughout those cold, snowy months.

1. Treadmill Speed Workout

Running on the treadmill for most runners sounds worse than listening to nails screech on a chalkboard. The never-ending turn of the treadmill belt can lead runners accustomed to logging hours at a time to jump off it within minutes. On the other hand, hopping on the treadmill to do a speed workout can be a different story. Having a workout written out and prepared can be the difference between running on the treadmill and running away from it as fast as you can. With the treadmill screen staring right at you, hitting splits and measuring your heart rate is a cinch. Hit a few buttons and tune out; your legs will do the rest.

2. Rowing

Popular in the CrossFit culture, rowing provides many of the same benefits of running, but isn’t as taxing on your joints. It’s a great cross-training workout, especially when rehabbing injuries, and elevates the heart rate just as much as running, while also challenging the muscles all throughout the body that running tends to neglect.

3. Spin Class

If losing weight to increase your fitness level is one of your winter goals, an indoor spinning class is the workout for you. In just 60 minutes of indoor cycling you can burn up to 800 calories. Cycling indoors in a group class provides great motivation and can push you further than you thought your legs and lungs would allow.

4. Interval Weight Training

Lifting weights is an important aspect of becoming a stronger, more efficient and injury-free runner; however, there is more than one way to hit the weight room. Alternating high-intensity weight lifting with high-intensity cardio intervals keeps your heart rate high similar to running, yet builds muscle and burns fat at a much higher rate.

5. Swimming

Like rowing, swimming is also no impact yet can get the blood pumping and leave your lungs gasping for air. Runners often ignore strengthening their upper body and swimming is great for your shoulders, back and core, all of which make you a stronger, all-around runner.

These indoor workouts will keep you in shape, no matter what the temperature!