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Marathon Training?! Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 8,596 times!

“I don’t have time to run…”

“I don’t have time to train for a marathon…”

“My kids are little, maybe when they are grown….”

Marathon Training

Well, the truth is…and as harsh as it sounds…we all have the same 24 hours in the day. I know, I know…but I don’t know what your schedule is, right?!

I would bet if you surveyed 1,000 marathon runners, you would find the most RANDOM set of schedules, commitments, family dynamics, and obligations. But the common factor in that group of 1,000 would be that they registered for a race, they love how the “accomplishment of the run” makes them feel, and they are committed to train.

So, how do you do it? How do you balance it all and train for a marathon?

Friends Finishing Marathon Together


That’s easy! You schedule it in. You gather those around you, you know—the same people that fill your day full of going here, there, and everywhere, and you enlist them as your biggest marathon training cheerleaders! You post it on Facebook “It’s official!!! I’m in training for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon!!”



Marathon Cheerleaders with Motivational Signs
Most of the time, if you ask others to help you, they will! But, the most important part all comes down to you.

If your day is full from 6am-6pm, then YOU have to wake up earlier! And YOU have to add it into your day. Just like you make a hair appointment, or just like you commit to taking your superstar to Little League practice, you schedule it in.

Group of Friends Running a Marathon


And speaking of Little League practice, that’s the next item on my list. Use your resources! If you find yourself sitting at your desk “killing time” during the lunch hour, well, lace up those shoes and go get a few miles of your marathon training in during lunch! Or if you find yourself wishing the clock away, while you sit at your child’s cheer practice, go take a lap or 10 around the stadium! They won’t mind! They will actually be glad you are using it, that’s what it’s for!



And then finally, get a treadmill! Buy one, or ask around. I bet you have a friend that is using theirs as a “laundry catcher”. The treadmill doesn’t have to be a source of dread, it can be your Plan B. So when it’s raining during t-ball practice, no worries! You can get in a few miles before bedtime!

In conclusion:

  1. Calendar – schedule marathon training in to your day

2. Cheerleaders – enlist your friends to support you, and not drag you away from your scheduled run time

3. Commitment – get it done. No excuses.