How to Run a Marathon: Raceday Running Rules

Whether you’re preparing for your first, or are just looking to improve upon your last, you may be looking into how to run a marathon successfully. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as quickly putting one foot in front of the other! With factors such as which shoes you wear, water breaks, and finish line etiquette (that selfie can wait!), there are many things and running rules to consider if you want to run a PR. In the infographic below, we’ve put together your ultimate survival guide for conquering the esteemed marathon. Avoid the chafing and the embarrassing Vaseline/energy gel mix ups, and instead focus on hitting that runner’s high! You’re already investing a good deal of time into training, don’t slow yourself down on the big day with a silly misstep.

Running 26.2 miles is no easy feat, but with determination and preparation, you can learn how to run a marathon and enjoy it to the fullest. Not only will these rules for running tips save you from the awkward moments and uncomfortable sensations, they’ll also help you improve your strategy in the long run. Don’t be the one holding back your pace group, blow everyone away with your (running on the) street smarts! Go ahead, once you master how to run a marathon and finish the race, you’re free to frame your finish line photo and have total bragging rights.

How to Run a Marathon: Raceday Rules

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