Benefits of Running Apparel

We know how difficult it is to train for a Marathon! But did you know you could make those training miles a bit more bearable

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Whether you simply like to run for good health or you are training for an organized marathon in your area, keep these tips in mind to minimize your chances of injury and exponentially increase your comfort level.

We know how difficult it is to train for a Marathon! But did you know you could make those training miles a bit more bearable by using more appropriate clothing, footwear, and running accessories? They can make all the difference while training for an upcoming marathon. Luckily, running is not an expensive sport as opposed to horseback riding, deep sea diving, or cycling – but you’ll need to spend some dough on quality running apparel to prevent injuries and staying comfortable.

An important tip to consider is to keep in mind that running apparel wears out. This means that your kit and caboodle won’t last forever. Certain items will need to be replaced more often than others. Although this might read as a giant excuse to run to the store, keep in mind that you’ll want to get your hands on products that live in a price range you’re comfortable with. No one needs the most expensive shoes, or the latest duds on the market!



Drop The Other Shoe
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If you’ve been eyeing those fancy new running sneakers but don’t know if you could justify buying them… Go ahead and pick them up! Here is one area to splurge if you haven’t already. Nobody likes injuries and blisters, so the right shoes can make your running experience comfortable, enjoyable, and safe. Try visiting a local running specialty shop. The experts there can offer recommendations to get started on the right track on training with new running shoes that are designed for the purpose and are matched to your style and foot type! Leave those old, worn kicks behind. Don’t skip this step, and also be prepared to buy replacement shoes often if you start running a lot!



Dress to Impress

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Dressing appropriately, donning purpose-built footwear, and keeping fluids and snacks close at hand is crucial to supporting your marathon training activities.

The saying: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes” rings true for this tip. Dress for the weather! Even if you’re living in a place with a consistent climate, you should still keep a variety of garments to keep on hand for weird weather changes. In a previous article, we discussed the importance of a layering system. Start out with moisture wicking undergarments, such as underwear, undershirts, sports bras, socks, etc. and layer out with different performance running fabrics. Keep in mind that you will naturally heat your body during cold weather runs, so a layering system will keep you comfortable!

You might see some veteran runners investing on technical running apparel, which is constructed with lightweight, moisture wicking fabrics that deliver long-term comfort. Sure, these pieces will cost more, but you’ll appreciate the added protection from the elements on those longer training runs. Check out our Rock ‘n’ Roll Series Online Store for some additional layering options! Last but not least – depending on the climate of your location, it also might make sense to pick up cold weather, or rain gear to be further prepared for the elements.


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Let’s face it – Friends don’t let friends leave the house without accessories. That said, you’ll want to make sure you have all the accessories needed to keep you comfortable and safe during your run. Hydration is definitely important, so handheld water bottles, or a bottle/belt package will be necessary to keep those fluids close at hand.

Some runners like Rock ‘n’ Roll while they train! So a music player and lightweight headphones accompanied with carb & protein rich snacks can make those miles pass by in no time and give you the added boost to PR out on the road!