2016 Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach: Medals and T-Shirts

The 2016 Virginia Beach swag ROCKED! These medals, t-shirts and towel had us thinking about this music and beach-filled weekend all year!

There’s no party like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon, which takes place during the American Music Festival over Labor Day weekend. With multiple distances to run, tons of music to enjoy and lots of medals to earn, there’s something for everyone!

Take a look at the sweet Virginia Beach swag, inspired by the very beaches and music of race weekend.


Participants who ran the Mile on the Sand on Saturday received this very appropriate towel:

Virginia Beach 1 Mile Towel


Imagine running a race and getting an awesome medal at the end. Now, imagine getting THREE of them.

Mile on the Sand participants earned this medal:

virginia beach 1 mile medal

Those who ran either the 5K or half marathon on Sunday received one of these medals:

virginia beach half marathon medal

And our friends who are super addicted to running (or medals, we can’t tell which) received two medals PLUS this coveted bonus medal:

virginia beach medal

How’s that? They took on the Remix Challenge — two days of running for three times the bling — by participating in Saturday’s Mile on the Sand and any distance on Sunday.


And don’t forget the participant t-shirts! Just for signing up, our runners got these awesome t-shirts for the half marathon and 5K distances, respectively:

virginia beach half marathon shirt
virginia beach 5k shirt

Do you want even more than the 2016 Virginia Beach swag you just saw? Keep running our races to earn it all. We’ve got new finisher, limited-edition and remix medals each year, as well as cool t-shirts that you can wear all year long! Besides, isn’t half the reason we run these races to show off with the bling?

Spend your next Labor Day weekend rocking Virginia Beach with us, and don’t forget to make room for all those medals!