Keep Your Momentum Going This Winter with these Training Tips


Be safe and don’t let the momentum fade with spring right around the corner. 

Let’s face it: outdoor running in the winter can be cold, windy and maybe wet. Keep your mileage up and stay on track with your spring marathon training schedule with these winter weather training tips.


1. Don’t over-dress.

Most people tend to dress for about 30 degrees colder than what it really is outside. What’s more important than piling on the layers is putting the layers on with strategy in mind.  Wear base layers—something that wicks away moisture because without that can get you cold—and then something over it for insulation.

2. Hydrate as if it’s summer.

Your body is still sweating and is using more energy to keep warm. It’s important drink the same amount of water as you would on a hot day. You can still get dehydrated. You still need to keep taking in fluids.

3. Wear sunscreen.

UV rays are still UV rays and you can definitely get sun burnt in the winter. Just because the temperature has dropped, doesn’t mean that the UV rays is less.

4. Make your own fuel cocktail.

When carrying water or hydration with you, mix it part water part Gatorade. You can fuel up electrolytes at the same time!

5. Suck it up.

Staying in your warm bed does sound really nice…but it is important to keep up your routine and get your run in sometime during the day. Another suggestion is to be flexible with the time of day for your train run. That way you can always enjoy a little more Zzzz in the morning.

6. Know when to take it indoors.

It’s always important to be mindful of health and injury concerns, but additional concerns come up in harsh weather. Be careful if you have any lung or asthmatic issues. If you do, you might want to think about going indoors more often.

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