Virginia Beach Medals Throughout the Years

While runners are hustling to train for upcoming Rock ‘n’ Roll races, we work to design medals that are new and unique every year! We’d like to take you back in time and showcase some of the Virginia Beach medals throughout the years that we’ve awarded our past participants, and we invite you to join us for future races to earn new medals at the Virginia Beach finish line!

2011: Half Marathon

The simpler pleasure such as visiting the beach and collecting seashells was the vision for the 2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon medal. While many shells can be found by chance, this particular shell had to be earned at the finish line.

Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Medals Years Half Marathon Shell 2011
Most seashells are found. These were earned.

2012: Half Marathon

Running can be synonymous with power and strength in the same way ocean waves have the ability to be an unstoppable forward-moving force. We wanted those who earned this prestigious medal to be recognized in possessing the same strength and power of the timeless currents which crash on the Virginia Beach coast every day.

Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Medals Years Half Marathon 2012 Waves Ocean
Calming, yet powerful & unrelenting. All traits our runners posess immortalized on the 2012 Virginia Beach Half Marathon medal.

2013: Half Marathon

We have the miles, medals, and the music … but the our runners are the stars of the show! To keep the beach theme alive in 2013, each runner who crossed the finish line received their gold star! Er, starfish.

Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Medals Years Half Marathon 2013 Starfish Star
You’re the star at every Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon weekend.

2014: Half Marathon

Making the conscious choice to be healthy and active can be life-changing as well as life-saving. Running a half marathon is a challenge for even very experienced athletes. The life preserver medal was the reward given to finishers of the 2014 Virginia Beach Half Marathon. The medal represents the result of all the training that goes into running 13.1 miles and serves as a reminder that positive life choices can turn lives around for the better.

Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Medals Years Half Marathon Life Saver Preserve 2014
A reminder that positive, healthy choices can turn lives around for the better.

2014: Mile On The Sand

Tranquil sunsets over a blue horizon and the beach sand between your toes provides a relaxing sensation unique to coastal destinations. Runners who completed the inaugural Mile on the Beach in 2014 were able to bring home a memento of the great times they had during Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach race weekend.

Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Medals Years 2014 Mile on the Sand
Calming rays and soft sand at your feet. Could you ask for a better running course?

2015: Half Marathon

Dolphins, sea turtles, flip flops, and stylish shades are just a few of the fun beach elements that make a day in the sand a fun and a memorable time. We chose to have a bit of fun in combining many seaside components in designing the 2015 medal which also coincided with our 15th year of bringing Rock ‘n’ Roll to Virginia Beach!

Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Medals Years Half Marathon 2015 flip flops beach chair sunglasses humana
The 2015 medal combined all of our favorite seaside elements as well as symbolizing our 15th year at Virginia Beach.

2015: Mile On The Sand

Can you think of another place to naturally find sand dollars other than the beach? Back by popular demand, 2015 was the second year our runners blitzed the coastline to earn the Mile in the Sand medal. Everyone who finished was awarded the faux monetary sum of one sand dollar.

Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Medals Years 2015 Mile on the Sand Sand Dollar
Earning this dollar won’t make you rich, but can serve as a priceless reminder of the time you spent with us on the beach!

2016: Medals Galore

This year brought new challenges and of course new medals. Super-beachy themed medals ranging from surf boards, sand buckets, seahorses, and sand castles brought Virginia Beach’s bustling coast to life in our medals for the Mile on the Sand, 5K, and half marathon distances.

Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Medals Years Half Marathon 5K Mile on the Sand 2016 seahorse bucket sand castle, surf board
“And so castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually.” – Jimi Hendrix … musical inspiration for this year’s Virginia Beach medals

We’re only at Virginia Beach once a year, so join us Labor Day Weekend and collect even more Virginia Beach medals!

Can’t Get Enough Medals?

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