2016 Cooling Elements

This Labor Day Weekend, Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon will be fully prepared for race day with plenty of elements to keep you cool, including spray zones, cooling buses, cold sponges and popsicles! Check out the course elements below for the half marathon course:

PDF printable version of Half Marathon Course Elements

Mile 3.3 – Cooling Bus (5th & Pacific, NW Corner)

Mile 5.0 – Bus (General Booth Just North of Birdneck)

Mile 6 – Spray Zone near water station (South of Hudson Dr. On Prosperity)

Mile 8 – Spray Zone near water station (Gate 10 into Camp Pendleton)

Mile – 9 Cooling Bus (Jefferson & D Street Camp Pendleton)

Mile 12.9 – Spray Zone near water station (Boardwalk)

*The cooling Buses will be placed near Medical Stations.

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