Give the Gift of Running


If you’re into running, chances are you have some friends who are into the sport too. When it comes to finding gifts for these friends, it probably seems like they already have everything, right? The custom shoes, the fitness tracker, a million tanks and t-shirts …

This holiday season, why not get them something they can actually use? Motivation. Accomplishment. Another shiny new medal (because we can never have enough of those).

Register your friends (and yourself!) for a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series race and give the gift of running. Here’s why:

  1. Friendship. Didn’t you know? Matching race medals are the new friendship bracelets.
  1. Quality time. Speaking of friendship, think of all the quality time you’ll spend on your training runs together—and how you’ll stick with your own training even more with a partner.
  1. Vacation. With 30 destination cities in which to run, and races occurring on weekends, all you need is a couple of extra days and a carry-on suitcase, and you’ve got a built-in vacation with your race.
  1. Motivation. When you sign up for a race, you’re training all the way up until race day; therefore, this is the motivation you and your friends need to keep running through the winter season.
  1. Bling. When you complete multiple Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Series events, you have the opportunity to earn more medals through our Remix challenge, Heavy Medals program and more.

Make sure you and your run buds are registered for the 2017 Virginia Beach Half Marathon on September 3, and cross those friends off your gift list!