Rock n Roll Liverpool are on the lookout for volunteers to join the team! Volunteers provide essential support across many areas of the event including; athlete registration, start and finish lines, wayfinding, water stations and course marshals. For descriptions on all the roles we have available please see the Role Descriptions tab below.

How to Sign Up as a Volunteer

Register your interest to volunteer.

Contact Us

Volunteer Coordinator: [email protected]


Registration Assistant (Friday and Saturday)

Registration is a critical part of the event experience for runners. Registration is where runners will pick-up all the necessary paperwork needed to compete in the race. Registration Assistants will help to register the runners, and handout the Race Packs and runner T-shirts. Ideally Registration Assistant volunteers will be able to work on Friday and Saturday in registration, to improve efficiency and to minimise the need for briefing. Runner registration is a customer-facing role and so requires volunteers who are friendly, approachable and comfortable speaking face-to-face with runners.. This role will be done standing up during the busy times – during quiet times, there will be opportunity to sit down.

T-Shirt Handout (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Most runners will collect their race t-shirt when they register for the event on Friday and Saturday. However, some runners will choose to collect their t-shirt on Sunday instead (for example, if they registered on Saturday and then ran the 5km race). Some runners will also want to exchange the size of their t-shirt. Volunteers will manage this t-shirt handout and exchange. This role will be done standing up during the busy times – during quiet times, there will be opportunity to sit down.

Race Preparation

Race preparation support (Friday and Saturday)

Before the race, all medals must be unpacked from the boxes and must be taken out of the individual plastic bags, ready to give the runner when they have crossed the finish line. Volunteers will also be on hand to help with any other preparation tasks that come up during the week, such as branding. This role may involve physical activity.

Baggage Check

Baggage Attendant (Saturday and Sunday)

Runners will hand over their bags to the volunteers, who will put it onto the correct numbered rack. When the runner has finished the race, they will come to collect their bag. The volunteer will check the runners’ number, then collect and hand back the correct numbered bag from the racking. This role involves a small amount of physical activity. This role is well suited to large groups of volunteers.


Course Marshal (Saturday and Sunday)

Course Marshal positions are located across the City. When you sign-up, make sure to select the location that is most convenient for you. Run Course Marshals are expected to be the eyes and ears on the course and communicate issues or potential issues with their Team Leader. They will need to warn runners of upcoming hazards and ensure runners are staying on course. They will also need to inform any vehicles trying to access the course that the event is taking place and there are road closures in place, and to answer questions to spectators and runners to the best of their knowledge.

Course Marshals must be aged 18+. It is fine for Course Marshals to volunteer in pairs. Volunteers who are local to their allocated position are best suited as they will be able to give the most knowledgeable and useful advice to vehicles attempting to navigate alternative routes. It is not necessary to stand the whole day and the volunteer is invited to take a chair along with them to their post – provided they remain alert throughout their shift. Previous experience of course marshalling and/or cycling is useful but not essential

Water Station Team (Sunday)

The Water Station Team will be responsible for setting-up, operating and closing their Water Station. They will also be responsible for keeping the area clean and free of litter. This is a crucial role that provides much needed water and nutrition to the runners on the course. This role is only available to groups or teams of volunteers.

Start and Finish Areas

Start Corral Assistants (Sunday)

As they line up at the start of the race, runners will be separated into different corrals according to their expected race time. Volunteers will help direct runners into the correct corrals, then will walk each corral down to the start line, to help make sure that each time group is starting their race at the correct time. This job involves a small amount of physical activity. It is a customer-facing role, and requires volunteers who are friendly, approachable and comfortable speaking to runners.

Medal Engraving Assistant (Saturday and Sunday)

Many athletes will choose to commemorate their day by getting their medal engraved. At peak times, queues for the Medal Engraver can be very long. Volunteers will support the Medal Engraver by taking orders, handing back the medals to the athletes, and managing the queues. No prior knowledge of medal engraving is needed. This is a customer-facing role and so requires volunteers who are friendly, approachable and comfortable speaking face-to-face with athletes.

Medal Handout (Saturday and Sunday)

Some volunteers will be handing out the medals to runners. The remaining volunteers will be preparing/ passing medals ready for handout. The second set of volunteers might also be needed for handing out medals during the busiest times. This role is typically in high-demand. Volunteers may be rotated between this role and others in the Finish Area. We ask volunteers in the Start and Finish Areas to be flexible and understanding in this case.

T-shirt Handout (Sunday)

Not all runners will have collected their race t-shirt before racing. Volunteers will organise the T-Shirt table, check the athletes’ size order and hand out the correct size to all remaining runners. This job can be done sitting down.

Refreshment Handout (Saturday and Sunday)

There will be refreshments available for runners after they cross the line such as water and bananas. Before the race, volunteers will help to prepare the refreshments for distribution. During the race, volunteers will hand out the food to runners, monitor the amount of food remaining, and keep the refreshment area clear of trip hazards such as litter.  This role involves a small amount of physical activity, and during peak times volunteers will be very busy.

Runner and Spectator Wayfinding (Saturday and Sunday)

The event venues and pedestrian access routes can get busy and difficult to navigate during peak times. Way-finding volunteers will be on hand to greet runners and spectators and to direct them as needed. This is a customer-facing role and so requires volunteers who are friendly, approachable and comfortable speaking face-to-face with runners. Volunteers will be required to stand for long periods of time. Prior knowledge of the venue and event is useful but not essential.

Secure Zone Marshal (Saturday and Sunday)

The post-race Secure Zone is in place to ensure all athletes who cross the line are given their medals, finisher t-shirts, sufficient refreshment and any medical care they need before they are reunited with their families and lost in any crowds of spectators. The Secure Zone Marshals will ensure that this area remains safe and positive for the runner, and that no spectators are allowed entry. This is a customer-facing role and so requires volunteers who are friendly, approachable and comfortable speaking face-to-face with athletes. Volunteers will be required to stand for long periods of time. Prior knowledge of the venue and event is useful but not essential.


  • Official Race Crew Tee
  • Donation given to groups of 10+ volunteers
  • Earn volunteer service hours and invaluable experience for your CV
  • Be part of a global sporting event
  • Help thousands of athletes achieve their running goals
  • Make friends and become part of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Liverpool team
  • Have a great time!


Who can volunteer?

Everyone is welcome to volunteer!

  • Some roles might be more suitable for you than others. Please read the role descriptions and special requirements information here before signing-up to a volunteer role. If you have any questions, please contact  [email protected]
  • Any volunteers under 16 years old MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult. If you are under 16, or will be accompanying a volunteer who is under 16, please email  [email protected]
  • Course marshals MUST be aged 18+
  • Volunteers can sign-up individually or as a group. Any group with 10+ volunteers is eligible for a donation. If you are a group of 10+ please contact  [email protected]

Where are the volunteer locations?

Most volunteer roles are based at: Exhibition Centre Liverpool, Kings Dock, Liverpool L3 4FP, UK

The Course Marshal and Water Station roles are based in various locations across the City. When you sign-up, make sure to chose the location that is most convenient for you to get to:

See the Job Descriptions Summary for more information.

How do I sign-up?

You can sign-up at this here.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Just send your friend the information on how to sign-up and ask them to choose the same role and shift times as you have. Then, please email [email protected] and we will make sure you and your friend are positioned together.

What happens after I sign-up?

  • You will receive a sign-up confirmation email from Active. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please double-check your spam box and wait 24hrs before contacting [email protected]
  • You will be invited to attend the volunteer briefing presentation. Please see FAQ regarding the volunteer briefing.
  • You will need to register as a volunteer on-site in Liverpool and collect your t-shirt.
  • You will be sent all information regarding your briefing and registration by email closer to the time.

When is the volunteer briefing presentation and what if I can’t attend?

The volunteer briefing presentation will take place on the Thursday evening in the week running up to the event. Details of time and location will be sent out by email. All volunteers are asked to attend even if you have volunteered for RnR before.

If you are unable to make it – don’t worry! You can still volunteer with us. Please email [email protected] to let us know and we will let you know what to do instead.

What if I can no longer attend my volunteer shift?

Please let us know by emailing  [email protected] as soon as possible. We understand that sometimes your circumstances can change, and you can no longer make it to volunteer. If you let us know in advance we can put contingencies in place.

What time does my volunteer shift start?

Your shift start and finish time will specific to your volunteer role. Please arrive in plenty of time for your shift to give yourself time to park, and register and collect your t-shirt, then get to your position in time for your role specific briefing. Please do not be late arriving for your shift.

What if I cannot stay for the entire shift?

We understand that you might have other commitments, and value as much or as little of your time that you can contribute. If you are unable to stay for the entire shift time specified, please let us know by emailing [email protected] or by telling your Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible. If you let us know in advance, we can put contingencies in place.

How do I travel to my volunteer shift?

Unfortunately, we do not provide transport for volunteers to get to their shift or marshal position. You will need to organise your own transport. More information on travelling to the event sites can be found here: http://www.runrocknroll.com/liverpool/the-weekend/travel/transport/

Free parking is available for volunteers at the main event site. You will receive an email with details on how this works closer to the time.

Is food and water provided for volunteers?

Water and snacks will be available for all volunteers but we advise that you bring your own food/ snack as well to make sure you have enough for your specific needs.

What should I wear to my volunteer shift?

  • RnR Crew T-shirt – you will be given this when you register on-site. Please make sure to wear this, and make sure it is on show always during your volunteer shift (for example, wear it over the top of jumpers). This is so that you are easily identifiable to RnR staff, athletes and spectators.
  • Comfy and robust shoes – depending on your role, you could be standing or walking for long periods of time. Trainers are fine but no opened-toe shoes or sandals.
  • Waterproof clothing and extra layers – especially if you will be starting early or working a long shift. Even if it feels warm when you leave the house, it might get cold or start to rain, and some areas of Liverpool Dock are very windy.
  • Dress for the weather!
  • Gloves – for warmth and moving equipment.
  • Wet weather clothing.

What should I bring with me?

  • Mobile Phone
  • Charger and/or spare Battery
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Cream/ Sun Block
  • Extra snacks

Remember there is no storage for valuable on site. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Do volunteers get discounted race entry?

Volunteers do not get any discount on race entry.

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