Remix Challenge Medals


You are already training for one day… why not make it two and earn some sweet bling?! If you just can’t get enough Rock ‘n’ Roll running on your weekend, the Remix Challenge is definitely for you.

About Remix Challenge Medals

Remix Challenge Medals are earned by completing two days of running during a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series event.

How To Qualify

Any combination of distances qualifies for the Remix Challenge Medal. Participants must complete two different days of running during the same Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series event weekend. You do not need to be enrolled as an official Heavy Medalist to qualify.


Remix Challenge Medals will be presented at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series tent located at the finish line festival upon completion of the second day. The lineup of Remix Challenge Medals is subject to change each year depending on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series Tour schedule.

Check out the 2020 Collection

Arizona medal

Atlantic City Medal   Chi-medal   den-medal


Dublin medal   Las Vegas medal   Liverpool medal


Nashville medal   NOLA medal   Philly medal


San Antonio medal   San Diego medal   San Jose medal


Savannah medal   Seattle medal   Virginia Beach medal



Any distance will qualify you for the Remix Challenge Medal as long as you complete one distance on two different days during the same event.

Register for each day normally, as you would if you were registering for any individual event. Make sure you use the same name and date of birth for each registration, as this information must be consistent for us to match up your records.

Remix Challenge Medals will be awarded after you finish the second day of running. You will receive an email with instructions to pick up your Remix Challenge Medal if you qualify.

Terms & Conditions

Competitor Group, Inc. reserves the right to change the qualification, terms, award designs, and artwork presented here at any time.