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Rock 'n' Roll Running Series
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At Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series, we believe in Running, Community and Music.

It's all about Bringing the Fun to the Run!

“I always say that the three most important marathons ever run were the 1896 inaugural Olympic marathon in Athens, Greece; the 1976 first 5-borough New York City Marathon, and that kicked off the urban marathon explosion; and then the third one was the 1998 inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego. That was the next huge game changer in the sport.”

Toni Reavis
Sportscaster and Running Analyst
Running USA Hall of Champions Member

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It’s not about finish times, it’s about finish lines. 

- George “Luke” Wright.  

We host world-class running events in some of the world’s best destinations—the journey to that finish line is all part of the fun. From connecting and training virtually via the Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Virtual Running Club to attending run club  gatherings, ‘mock rocks’ and KiDS ROCK, running is always on our mind. 

You can bet your bottom dollar that when you turn up on race weekend, you’ll find courses for first timers and the PR-setters alike. We'll give you the best running tour of the city, ensure you’re entertained and supported, and reward you with sweet race bling at the end.  


A rhythm, a tempo, a heartbeat—we were founded on the promise of turning a marathon into a party on the run.  

Headphones, iPhones, boomboxes, playlists, set lists, garage bands and Grammy winners. Cheerleader chants, DJ rants, Music that moves you in all shapes and forms. We don’t care where the beat comes from, just that you’re motivated to keep running. 

We've got the beat—you keep putting one foot in front of the other, because ain’t nothing going to break your stride.  

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We are family: From our amazing host cities to all the energetic spectators and fans; from family and friends, to the generous volunteers; from the fundraisers who run for a higher purpose to the TourPass holders; from the first-timers to the seasoned Hall of Famers; from our supportive partners to you, our incredible participants. 

Rock 'n' Roll is about an individual sprit culminating in a collective energy, finding fun in the moments that challenge us, and striving for more—from ourselves and from our lives.