2019 Headliner: Wonder Bread 5

Wonder Bread 5

It’s time to get amped! The Rock ‘n’ Roll party machine known as Wonder Bread 5 is coming to San Jose as the 2019 Michelob ULTRA Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon Headliner. 

For over a decade, Wonder Bread 5 has been thrilling audiences around the globe. They consistently amaze their crowds with a never-ending stream of new and up to date material, while always remembering the party anthems of previous decades. A set list from the Wonder Bread 5 will wind you down paths unimaginable to most bands. From the latest hits of this week to 60's and 70's classics then on to 80's rock and dance hits, Wonder Bread 5 deliver and keep you moving long after you cross the Finish Line in San Jose. 

Scroll down to check out a few hits from this Rock ‘n’ Roll party machine and get ready to celebrate at the Finish Line with Wonder Bread 5!



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Get ready to experience one of the most spirited courses in the Rock 'n' Roll Series! Not only will dance squads, cheer groups and themed water stations line every mile of the course but you'll also experience live bands and entertainment at every mile, which make up the heart and “sole” of this event. Live San Jose bands will be performing a variety of music from alternative to classic rock, punk, funk and blues to jazz it up. The bands will keep the course pulsating as runners rock their way from start to finish!

Scroll down to check out a few of the bands you'll see on course!


Ash Khajvandi (mile 12.8)


Six-String Slinger Ash Khajvandi conjures up otherworldly West Coast Blues and Rock that frickin' rolls. Booming vocals and full of raw energy, shock inducing sounds erupt from his signature SG's, all the while invoking a gritty style reminiscent of the Golden Age of 70's Rock.


Miracle Mule


Now in their 10th year, Miracle Mule has established itself as a fixture on the North Bay music scene.  Their music has been described as “good-time Americana,” but the Mules prefer to call it “swampy-tonk” – a blending of hoof-stomping, tail-swishing honky-tonk with spicy Louisiana flavors like Cajun, Zydeco and New Orleans R&B.  


Sam Johnson


Sam Johnson’s love for music goes back to his adolescent years, when he learned Bob Marley and Sublime songs on hand me down instruments, and started a reggae band at his high school in Huntington Beach, California. This early influence inspired him to create his laid-back, soulful blend of pop, rock, and reggae styles that he describes as “quintessential California music.” 


The Den Brothers (miles 5.9 / 11.2)


Influenced by no-nonsense rock icons like Oasis, The Foo Fighters, Johnny Marr, and The Black Keys, The Den Brothers have created their own brand of straight-ahead rock n' roll that fuses classic rock vibes with modern alternative influences.


Watsonville Taiko (mile 1.6)


The mission of the Watsonville Taiko Group is to foster the evolving cultural expression and traditions of taiko drumming through performances and public education.






Attention Cheer Teams and Dance Squads: We need you in 2019! High school and middle school cheer and dance teams are invited to compete in the Spirit on the Course competition. Cheer teams will line the course ready to encourage participants every step of the way. Costumes and themes are optional, smiles and enthusiasm are required. Join the Spirit on the Course Competition Today for the chance to win up to $1,000 for your team! For more information email: [email protected]