You’re ready to ROCK the 2018 Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon. Now, ensure you’re race-day ready by having a plan to navigate the Start and Finish Line venues and to maximize your on-course experience.  Whether it’s your very first Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach or you’re a returning runner, please take note so you’re up to date and know where to go on race morning, Sunday, September 2! Also check out some great race etiquette tips here.  Now, download your Start Line and Finish Line maps and read on:

Start Line

  • Start Time: The race starts at 7:00 AM. We recommend arriving at least one hour prior to your estimated start time to have enough time to stretch, use the restroom, grab a snack, and check your bag.
  • Corrals: Participants will be split into 12 corrals that will be sent off in waves starting at 7:00 am. There will be approximately 1-2 minutes between each corral, so the entire wave plan will take approximately 25 minutes.
  • Location:Your start line is located on Pacific Ave at 14th Look out for all new signage in VA Beach, showcasing a bigger and better start line!
  • Getting to the Start: Check out your best Parking & Transportation Options here and plan ahead to ensure you know the best options for getting around race weekend.
  • Start Elements:Refreshments (Bananas & Water), Medical, Information, Solutions & Restrooms will be available throughout the Virginia Legends Walk area. There are multiple areas for restrooms and refreshments, so study the start line map and follow signage on race morning to ensure you find what you need. If there’s a line for restrooms, keep looking for additional locations that may have shorter lines.  HINT – The restrooms on 12th Street will have the shortest lines.
  • Gear Check: Gear check will be located on 16th Street just west of Atlantic Ave. Affix your gear check tag (on your bib number) to your clear gear bag provided before you arrive race morning. Once you have everything out of your bag that you need for the race, drop your bag at the table assigned to your last name. All bags must be dropped by 6:45 AM. After the race, return to the same location to retrieve your bag.


  • Aid Stations: Familiarize yourself with where all water stations are located on course, including which ones have Gatorade and Science in Sports energy gels. Half marathon participants will have an additional SiS gel station on course this year! Restrooms will be available at or near all aid stations.
  • Music: In addition to all of the awesome local bands along the course, be on the lookout for our new Mile Markers – not only are they easier to spot on race day, they literally rock with music playing at all miles!
  • Course Time Limits:Remember that the course time limit is 4 hours. Read your Final Information to understand your options to continue if you fall behind pace.  There will be one course cut off at 9:45 at mile 7.9.  Any runner who reaches this point after 9:45 will not run through Camp Pendleton and will have 1.9 miles cut from the course.
  • Neighborhoods: You will see some GREAT community support for this race. Enjoy the cheering crowds who will be watching from all the oceanfront hotels. Eight high school cheer squads will line the course as well as several neighborhood groups who will cheer you on as you run through their hood.
  • Spectator Tips: Friends and family joining you race day to support all of your hard work? Make sure they know the best spots on course to cheer you on and grab some grub or coffee.

Finish Line

  • Finish Line Festival: Once you cross the finish line, you will get your medal and refreshments inside the participant Secure Zone. After you exit the Secure Zone, head to the beach for the Finish Line Festival between 16th and 18th Street to celebrate your accomplishment! Study the Finish Line Venue Map to familiarize yourself with where to meet family and friends, pick up your gear, grab your two complimentary Michelob ULTRA beers, and check out Steel Pulse on the Toyota Concert stage!  NOTE: Due to large crowds on race day, please plan to meet family and friends in the Family Reunion area at the Finish Line Festival, not near the Secure Zone exit.

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