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How To Register

Registering is easy! You may register for Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin by Registering Online.


Don’t know if you are registered for the 2020 Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon? Click here to confirm.

Packet Pickup


  • Dates: Friday, 7th and Saturday, 8th August
  • Location: TBC
  • Opening Hours: 
    • Friday, 7th August:  TBC
    • Saturday, 8th August: TBC
    • Free Admission: Open to the public
  • Meet your Pacer team: If you want to run with a pacer, this is a great opportunity to meet the runners who will help you achieve your target time!
  • 5K Pickup – on site, race morning
    • Saturday, 8th August: TBC

If you did not elect to have your 5K packet mailed, you must collect your race number from Packet Pickup on FRIDAY ONLY, or from the Solutions tent near the 5K start line on Saturday.

Pick up your race packet, T-shirt (Half Marathon & 10km only) and baggage check bag at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Race Number Collection.

T-shirts are not posted out with race numbers. 

All runners who did not opt for postage must pick up their bib number, baggage check bag and T-shirt (T-shirt is for the Half Marathon & 10km only).

If you are an International participant or have registered after 4 July you must collect your Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Race Info Pack from Packet Pick-Up on Friday or Saturday. You will not be able to participate without it as it includes your race number, and vital information for race day.

In order to collect your race number at Packet Pick up, you MUST bring your Confirmation Sheet and Photo ID to Packet Pick-up in order to receive your race number and timing tag that is affixed to the race number.

All Fun Run numbers are 100% collected on site, this may be done from Packet Pickup, or from the Solutions tent near in the Finish Festival area after 10:00am on Sunday 9th August.

Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Race Packs

There is no Half Marathon or 10K packet pickup on Race Day. Pack Pickup will take place on Friday 7th August and Saturday 8th August, to retrieve your bib number, timing tag, technical t-shirt (Half Marathon & 10km only), and participant bag.

Race pack, including timing tag and bib number can be mailed to all Ireland & UK residents who register by the event deadline. This option may be added for a €4.50 charge when registering for the Half Marathon, 10K or 5K.

Half Marathon, 10K & 5K participant t-shirts will be available for pickup before the race at Packet Pickup or after the race at the Finish Line Festival.

  • We encourage 5K participants to pick up race packets on Friday 7th August at Packet Pickup.
  • Packet Pickup will also be available for 5K participants at the 5K start line on race morning.

Fun Run Race Packs

Family Fun Run numbers must be picked up at Packet Pickup – no bib numbers for this distance will be posted out.

  • Fun Run participants can pick up race numbers at Packet Pickup on Friday 7th August and Saturday 8th August or on race morning at the Solutions Marquee in the Finish Village.
    • On race morning, Fun Run packet pickup will be available starting at 10am.

Race Changes

To make changes to most personal details (address, expected finish time, etc), you can do so by following these instructions:

  1. Log into https://myevents.active.com
  2. Scroll through list of registered events to find Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin
  3. Choose “Edit Registration Information”
  4. Make changes to custom questions etc.
  5. Save changes

If you need to change your email address, drop us a line at [email protected] and we can make this change on your behalf.

Click here for Event Deadlines

Changing Race Distances

Switching from a LONGER distance to a SHORTER distance

  • Before the event deadline: If you would like to switch from a longer distance to a shorter distance, simply email this request along with your first name, last name, the mailing address that you registered with, and your new predicted finish time to Customer Service.
  • After the event deadline:
    • If you decide to switch from a longer distance to a shorter distance, please pick up your assigned race number at Packet Pickup and proceed to the “Solutions” Desk. For those who have chosen to have their Race Packs posted, please visit us at the Solutions Marquee on race morning at the Start Line to make this change. We will open 2 hours before the 5K start time on Saturday, 8th August and 2 hours before the Half Marathon and 10K start time on Sunday, 9th August.

Switching from a SHORTER distance to a LONGER distance

  • Before the event deadline: To upgrade from a shorter distance to a longer distance, simply email this request to Customer Service for further assistance.
  • After the event deadline: If you would like to switch from a shorter distance to a longer distance, you will need to pay an upgrade fee at Packet Pickup. Please pick up your assigned race number and proceed to the “Solutions” Desk. You will be charged the cost difference between the desired distance’s fee and the fee that was paid at the time of the original registration.

Corral Changes

The start line corral system allows for a smooth race start for participants of varying levels. Based on the estimated finish time that you provide on your entry form, you are assigned a bib number and corresponding corral, with other participants of similar running pace.

Before the event deadline: you can change your estimated finish time for your race via ACTIVE.com using the following steps:

  1. Log into your account at https://myevents.active.com
  2. Find your Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin entry
  3. Choose “Edit Registration Information”
  4. Update estimated finish time.
  5. Save changes.

After the event deadline: If your training has gone better than expected, and you would like to move up to a faster corral, pick up your race number at Packet Pick up and then proceed to the “Solutions” table to be re-assigned to the appropriate corral. To move back to a slower corral, simply start in that corral on race morning. No official corral change is necessary.
Athletics Ireland National Championship participants will not be able to change corrals after the event deadline. It is a requirement for the Championship Events that Gun Time is used to calculate placings. Therefore, all Championship participants must start in the assigned corral to ensure Gun Time results are recorded accurately.


Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and entries are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Sorry, no exceptions. Once we receive and accept your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate. You may not give or sell your number to anyone else. You also may not transfer your application to the following year or another Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series event.


Race Rules

  • Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions.
  • Once we receive and accept your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate, you may not give or sell your race number to anyone else, and you may not transfer your entry fee to future races.
  • If you attempt to sell your race number, you may be banned from future Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series events for three years.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Half Marathon or 10K. You must be at least 16 years old to participate in the 5K.
  • You must be in good health and physically prepared to take on the challenge of a Half Marathon, 10K, 5K or Fun Run.
  • You must show photo ID to receive your race number and timing chip.
  • You must pick up your own race packet at Packet Pickup.
  • Race numbers are required to participate.
  • No coaches, bikes, in-line skates, skateboards, baby joggers or dogs will be allowed on the course.

Parking & Transportation

Details to follow.


Baggage/Gear Check

Before you enter your assigned corral, drop-off your pre-race/post-race clothing and belongings at the Baggage Check. While you run, your personal items will be held at Baggage Check and transported to the Finish Line for collection after the race.

Each participant will receive a large, durable swag bag when you pick up your packet, this will serve as your bag on race day. The Baggage Check trucks will be arranged alphabetically near the Start Line. Attach your bag tag to your bag before you leave it with the volunteers at Baggage Check. While  you’re running, your bag will be transported to the finish area. After the race, reclaim your checked bag at the designated Baggage Check area.

Please note: DO NOT leave valuables, cash or jewellery in your bag. The event is not responsible for any lost items. Bags must be claimed before close of the Finish Line Festival on race day.

Wave Start

In an effort to provide every one of our participants with as comfortable a run as possible, a Wave Start will be incorporated for Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon and 10K.
Participants are assigned to an appropriate corral based on the projected finishing time submitted on their entry form. Typically, there are multiple waves assigned to several of the finishing times. All spectators should be aware of this when organising their viewing schedule for the day.

  • When the gun fires, the first corral will be released. The rest of the participants will be held at the start line.
  • At pre-determined intervals the next corral will be released.
  • By using this staggered starting method, the pack will be spread out and allow every runner to settle into their racing rhythm from the first step right to the finish line.

Time Limits

The official time limits are below in order for us to meet deadlines to reopen key access roads in Dublin.

  • Half Marathon course time limit is a strict 3.5 hours (approx.  16min/mile pace)
  • 10K course time limit is a strict 1 hour and 40 minutes (16min/mile pace)
  • 5K course time limit is a strict 1 hour (19 min/mile pace)

The races will utilise a wave start; your official time will not start until you cross the start line. A tail vehicle will follow at the maximum pace allowed. If at any time a participant drops behind the tail vehicle, the participant will be picked up in the tail vehicle and transported to the finish line or to a suitable location to complete the race. Any athlete who refuses to get on the tail vehicle will be automatically out of the race and will be asked by race officials and the police to compete the race on the footpath at their own risk. Water stations, first aid points, course toilets etc will be closed down in line with these timings, as will finish line infrastructure, meaning that these athletes will not receive an official finishing time or race medal. Please also be aware also that slow runners may be asked to wait at tram track crossing points to allow trams to pass.

Information Booths and Lost & Found

An Information Booth will be positioned at the start and finish to assist you with any race day questions and help you find your way. The Information Booth will also serve as the race day Lost & Found. Any valuables found at the start or finish should be turned in to the Information Booth.

Any valuable items NOT claimed at the finish by 2pm will be sent back to our office. To claim a lost item after the event, please contact us.


The Medical Team is a group of volunteer multidisciplinary medical personnel dedicated to acting as a team to provide rapid assessment of medical needs and to administer acute first aid and immediate services to the runners. More information

Course Support

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series will be there to support you every step of the way.  You’ll find four water stations on the half marathon course and two stations on the 10K course. Each station has bottled water, some have sports drink and some have SiS carb gels.

Both distances will also have water and food refreshments at the finish line.

The 5K race will provide water and food refreshments at the finish line only.

Race Timing

You will use the MYLAPS BibTag for the electronic registration of your time. At the back of your race number you can find a chip (the tag) and a foam pad. Please read the following instructions to receive your correct time after the race.

Tips to guarantee your correct chip timing:

  •       Carry the race number on the chest so everyone can see your number. Don’t cover this number with a jacket or with your hands/arms when you run over the timing mats.
  •       Please pay attention when you use a (stop)watch on the start and finish mats.
  •       Never fold or damage this number. Especially on the location of the BibTag.
  •       Use four (4) safety pins on the corners of the number. Do not damage or perforate the BibTag.
  •       Do not remove the foam pad on the BibTag.
  •       If you own a personal MYLAPS ChampionChip, you can just leave it on your shoe. It will not influence your BibTag timing.

After the race you can take the race number (including BibTag) as a memory or souvenir, or you can throw it away in normal garbage collection (plastic).


Get Involved

If you are a registered charity and want to be involved in this fantastic event please contact  us for more information. We are happy to offer special charity rates and other race day opportunities to support the community. To find out more please contact us here.


Calling all Volunteers for 2020!

Help support your community, as well as thousands of runners by volunteering for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon. With 100s of positions available there is a spot for everyone, including teams, corporate groups, or just friends and family.

Volunteer opportunities are available for day at the water and medical stations on the route, and at the start and finish line. All volunteers receive a Race Crew T-shirt.

Water Station Crew, Route Marshalls, Gear Check / Baggage Assistants, T-shirt Distribution, Medal Distribution. All volunteers receive a full briefing prior to the event. You will also receive a Race Crew T-Shirt and lunch.

If you or your community group can support us – please email [email protected] 

Volunteer Roles Available

There are various roles for volunteers. These include:

  • Course marshall
  • Water Station helper
  • Start and finish area helper

Plus some more supervisory roles:

  • Sector supervisor
  • Water Station Captain
  • Race Registration supervisor

Age limitation

The minimum age for individual volunteers is 18years on the road.
15 years old for marshals in the park and drink stations.

Description of roles

Course Marshal

A marshal is allocated a position on the course, and wears a high visibility bib at all times. He/she has to perform the following duties

Be a visible presence for runners, pedestrians, spectators and motorists.

Ensure the well being of runners, spectators and general public.

Encourage the runners with a smile, a clap and a cheer.

Ensure the runners are directed correctly along the race path, and they stay within any coned-off areas.

Ensure pedestrians do not come into contact with runners, by informing them of the race, and perhaps guiding them across the runners path during convenient breaks.

Guide runners whilst warning the public so that the two do not come into conflict with each other. Give clear unambiguous direction to approaching runners.

Support the neighbouring Course Marshals.

Inform your Sector supervisor or Race Control if you have a problem or require medical attention for a runner. A card with all relevant phone numbers will be provided. The marshal should be in communication with their Sector supervisor by mobile phone, in order to inform the supervisor of any problems. Therefore the marshal should take their mobile phone with them. The supervisor will ask for the number,  and will give the marshal his/her mobile number. Not having a mobile phone does NOT mean the person cannot marshal – alternative communication links can be established.

Stay at your post until discharged by the Sector supervisor.

Don't get into conflict.  If any problems exist, inform the Sector supervisor or Race Control.

Transport will be provided to and from your marshalling area if required

Enjoy the day- it can be a very rewarding experience !

Start/ Finish Area marshal

These marshals will be required to do various tasks , as directed by the Start / Finish manager.  It can mean directing runners and the public. It can mean ensuring the runners and the public are kept apart.
It can mean the moving of barriers as the race day ensues. Because of this , it needs volunteers who are physically able to move quickly, interface verbally with the public, and pick up and move barriers (5-10kg).

Water Station helper

These volunteers help distribute water at the water stations. They will either be removing the bottles from packaging,  or taking the tops off the water bottles, or handing the opened bottles to runners. They will also be expected to help pick up all the discarded bottles, empty any contents, and place the bottles into refuse sacks.

There is usually a peak period when many of the runners arrive, so it can be a bit hectic then.

Some helpers may also help to distribute energy gel sachets to runners.

Transport will be provided to/ from your water station if required.

Start and Finish area helper

Prior to race start, the volunteers will help guide runners, check they are in the correct corrals, receive and store bags and many other duties

After the runners finish, people are needed to hand out  medals, refreshments, assist medal engraving, baggage return and other such duties. Some opening and carrying of low weight items may be needed.

All volunteers receive a full briefing prior to the event. You will also receive a Race Crew T-Shirt and lunch.

If you or your community group can support us – please email [email protected]



Secure Zone

Once you cross the finish line, you’ll enter the Secure Zone, a fenced off area designated for participants only. In the Secure Zone, you’ll have your photo taken, refuel with water and refreshments and receive your finisher’s medal. Once you leave the Secure Zone, you cannot re-enter. Just outside of the Secure Zone, you can retrieve your bag and join family and friends for the Finish Line Festival.



The top 3 male and female Irish runners will receive:
1st           €500
2nd          €300
3rd           €100

Overseas prize money
1st           Sub 67 min male €100
1st           Sub 77 min female €100

Event Partners