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2020 Encore Entertainment: Super Soul Bros


It’s time to get amped! Super Soul Bros is coming to San Jose as the 2020 Rock ‘n’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon Encore Entertainment!




Based in San Jose, CA, the Super Soul Bros deliver an explosive performance of live, funky video game music. Pooling their wide range of influence, the Super Soul Bros’ sound and fun concept captures an audience that transcends both genre and generation. The younger crowds that grew up playing Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo enjoy a nostalgic trip from familiar melodies (sourcing popular games like Mario Kart, Sonic, Zelda and Pokemon as well as more obscure titles like EarthBound or Snatcher). But even older generations who may not have played those games still respond to the band’s sound, energy and high level of musicianship.

Whether they’re taking requests on the fly, or the crowd’s busting into a full-on soul train, it’s always a party with the Super Soul Bros.