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Do Not Sell

Do Not Sell

Do Not Sell My Personal Information
As a global organization, The IRONMAN Group takes your privacy rights very seriously. When it comes to the privacy of your data, we want to ensure that you have all of the necessary information to exercise any rights available to you under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). To understand how The IRONMAN Group handles your data, please review our Privacy Policy.

California citizens under the CCPA have a right to request that we:

  • Provide information on how your personal information is used by The IRONMAN Group;
  • Provide the specific information we have collected from you;
  • Cease selling your personal data; and
  • Delete your personal data.

To make a request to exercise your rights under the CCPA, please contact The IRONMAN Group toll-free at (844) 868-7727 or email