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Elite Athlete Program

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series attracts world renowned athletes and local rising stars to compete in the series of events spanning the globe. We invite you to come participate in our fun, competitive and well operated events. 

Elite Time Entry Standards (US Events Only)

Male Elite (Marathon) Female Elite (Marathon) Male Elite (Half) Female Elite (Half)
Sub 2:27:00 Sub 2:59:00 Sub 1:11:00 Sub 1:25:00

Masters Time Entry Standards (US Events Only)

Age Male Masters (Marathon) Female Masters (Marathon) Male Masters (Half) Female Masters (Half)
40 - 44 Sub 2:40:00 Sub 3:00:00 Sub 1:30:00 Sub 1:44:00
45 - 49 Sub 2:48:00 Sub 3:12:00 Sub 1:30:00 Sub 1:44:00
50 - 54 Sub 2:55:00 Sub 3:22:00 Sub 1:30:00 Sub 1:44:00
55 - 59 Sub 3:05:00 Sub 3:40:00 Sub 1:40:00 Sub 1:50:00
60 - 64 Sub 3:15:00 Sub 3:58:00 Sub 1:40:00 Sub 1:50:00
65 - 59 Sub 3:25:00 Sub 4:15:00 Sub 1:40:00 Sub 1:50:00
70 - 74 Sub 3:37:00 Sub 5:00:00 Sub 1:40:00 Sub 1:50:00
75 - 79 Sub 3:55:00 Sub 5:00:00 Sub 1:55:00 Sub 2:10:00

● Half Marathon standards must be run in the last 18 months from the event date you are entering.

● Marathon standards must be run in the last 24 months from the event date you are entering.


Important Information

First Step to Entry

All athletes must complete and submit the Athlete Biography. Our team will be in touch within ten days following the submission.

General Information

●Applications must be submitted no later than 10-days prior to the event. Late entries or race week transfers will not be accommodated.

●The Elite Complimentary Entry is non-transferable and only applies to Half Marathon and Marathon distances. Other distances including 5K, 10K, etc do not qualify.

●Athletes applying for Elite Complimentary Entry will not be included in the Age Group results or Awards. They will be categorized in the Overall ELITE results only.

●All marathon finishers from all divisions (Age Group and Elite) will be included in the submission of results for the official Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group Ranking qualifying events to earn points in the AWMM Age Group rankings.

2021 Event Information

ELITE ENTRY Deadlines:

(please note if we reach capacity ahead of posted deadline, we will close elite entries early)

2021 RNR San Diego: CLOSED

2021 RNR Savannah: October 27th

2021 RNR Washington DC: November 3rd

2021 RNR Nashville : November 10th

2021 RNR San Antonio: November 24th


2022 Event Information

Please submit requests after August 1, 2021.

We will review and issue Elite entry links for events, approximately 4-6 months prior to the event date.

Elite Athlete Race Day Perks (US Only)

  • Complimentary Elite Entry
  • Start Line Gear Check (Temporarily unavailable)
  • Elite Athlete Coral
  • Elite Fluid Drops (Marathon Only)(Temporarily unavailable)

PLEASE NOTE - DUE TO the "No Touch" COVID operational requirement  - these Elite Perks will NOT be available until further notice.  We encourage athletes to plan and prepare for self sufficiency .  Please review the Safe Return to Racing Overview.

Rock 'n' Roll Events Outside the USA

Please visit the event website directly for more information. We will be making constant updates as information is available:

Anti-Doping Rules