Here are six reasons why you should consider supporting your running community and volunteer at a race near you!

  1. Stay connected to running.

    If you’re recovering from injury, in between races or simply looking for a stepping stone into the running sphere, volunteering helps connect you to the sport. Share the enthusiasm and energy of race day without pinning on a race bib.

  2. Meet new people in your area.

    Want to make new friends? Find a new running buddy? Set an activity for your social group? Working together in a group with shared goals is bound to start a conversation or two. Even better, bring a friend of your own to expand everyone’s social circle.

  3. Be the perfect fan.
    If you were thinking of spectating anyway, what could be better than spectating while supporting runners? You could be handing out water and hollering your favorite words of encouragement all at once.
  4. Get a new perspective.

    If you’ve ever run a race, you’ll know that there are lots of people working hard behind the scenes. Get a feel for how it is to be on the other side of the sidelines. You’ll have a new appreciation for the selfless efforts of volunteers and a greater understanding of the community that expands beyond those wearing the race bibs and timing tags.

  5. Get motivated.

    There’s nothing like watching to inspire you to act! A race is full of emotional energy and motivational moments that will make you want to capture one for yourself. You’ll be signing up for your next race in no time!

  6. Get volunteer perks.

    Apart from the high fives from runners and warm fuzzies you’ll get from doing good, when you volunteer at a Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Series race, you’ll also get a free T-shirt, swag bag, free parking and refreshments.

To sign up as Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon Series Race Crew, please click here.