This weekend I completed my first Rock ’n’ Roll Remix Challenge in San Diego!  

What is the Remix Challenge?

The Remix Challenge is when you complete two days of running during a Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series event weekend. Any combination of distances qualifies for the Remix Challenge. You need to complete one event on Saturday and one event on Sunday during the same Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series event weekend.  I chose to run the 5K distance on Saturday and the half marathon distance on Sunday.

This earns you a medal for each of the distances you run, plus a bonus medal for running both days of the event weekend!

How do I participate?

First, register for each distance. Make sure you use the same information for each registration (first and last name, date of birth, etc.). This is how they track if you’re running both days.

At packet pickup on Friday, you are given a specific wristband, which you wear on Sunday’s race to pick up your Remix Challenge medal after the race.

Run on Saturday…

Running the 5K on Saturday was lots of fun! The atmosphere was relaxed, and everyone was ready to have a good time. Although I told myself I would take it slowly, I couldn’t help but get carried away by all the excitement. I took off a little faster than I wanted to, but after the first mile or so, I slowed myself down and started to enjoy the sights of Balboa Park.


Then run on Sunday!

The next day was a little less relaxed, as thousands of half marathon and marathon runners made their way to the starting line. But it was still a Rock ‘n’ Roll event, and the atmosphere was one of fun, if not a little more focus on the longer distances to be conquered that day. I know I was feeling nervous and excited, too! The half marathon course was a blast! Although my legs felt a little sluggish the first few miles, I found my groove and had a strong finish!


Pick up your Remix Challenge medal!

If you’ve never run the Remix Challenge, I definitely suggest you try it at least once.  Not only do you leave the weekend with three awesome medals, it really makes it for a fun-filled running weekend. Plus, you get to doubly enjoy what the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon races are all about: fun, community, bling, music, and just an all-around good time!  


  1. Plan a few training runs where you run 2-3 miles one day and run a longer run the next day. This will prepare you for your back-to-back races and make you a stronger runner.
  2. Have fun during your 5K. Treat it like a shake-out run. Take selfies on course and don’t take yourself too seriously! You don’t want to burn out the day before your longer race on Sunday. OH and don’t forget to enjoy your free beer after the race!
  3. You’ll be tempted (like I was) to explore and take in the sights of the city, especially if it’s a city you’ve traveled to for the race. But you may want to take it easy the rest of the day on Saturday. You just ran 3.1 miles, and the next day you’re about to take on even more miles. Plan a great post-race breakfast and a little sightseeing, get yourself a yummy carb-loading dinner, but don’t forget to stretch and rest up!
  4. Give it your all on Sunday! You trained hard for weeks or months leading up to this day, and you are ready to rock it! Rock ‘n’ Roll races are meant to be fun, so be sure to enjoy and take in all the on-course entertainment! My favorites are always the spectators cheering us on and the funny signs along the way.  
  5. After the race, don’t forget to pick up your Remix Medal at the festival area. You’ve earned it! There’s a designated “Heavy Medal” tent at the Finish Line Festival. Show them your wristband and they’ll exchange it for your awesome remix medal!
  6. Enjoy the Finish Line Festival! This is one of my favorite parts of the Rock ‘n’ Roll races. The finish line party is always fun and full of energy. After running two races in one weekend, you deserve a good time. So grab your second free beer (don’t forget your ID), and take advantage of all the entertainment and the free concert!