As every runner toes the start line, within them resides the story that carried them there. Those stories are made up of moments that culminate in milestones.

The history of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is made of moments and milestones created by runners just like you. In honor of our 20th anniversary celebration, we invite runners to share their most memorable running moments with us.

This is the story of Aaron from Oregon.



“I never thought that I would be a runner at the age of 31, but stranger things have happened.”

Meet Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon runner, Aaron, from Oregon.

Just two years ago, he ran his first half marathon and was instantly hooked, setting a goal for himself the following year to run at least one race — marathon or half marathon — a month.

As 2016 came to a close, Aaron successfully kept to his goal and had even encouraged his boyfriend, Joe, to join him along the way. Over the past year, the pair has run countless races together, from holiday-themed races and beer runs to racing on the Great Wall in China.

“It wasn’t until the 2016 Alaska Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon that running really connected us as a couple,” Aaron said.

Before Seattle, Aaron and Joe would run races together, at the same pace.

“I love him dearly,” Aaron said, “but we are at two different running levels, and it was not helping me perform at my full potential.”

After some deep discussions, they decided to run separately, and at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle races this year, Aaron completed the marathon while Joe ran the half marathon.

“Before we knew it, the race began,” Aaron said. “I knew the whole time he was killing it, and when I crossed the finish line, there was his big, bright smile. Before I could catch my breath, he gloated about how well he did and how proud of himself he was… and all I could do was cry with tears of joy.”

“For this, Seattle will forever be OUR race.”

The couple is now engaged.

“We are so addicted to running, that our wedding save the dates are actual race bibs,” Aaron said.



Every runner has a story. Share your favorite moments or memories from running with Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series.