4 Tips for the Perfect Post-Race Selfie!

  1. Whiten your teeth the week before the race.

    In the days leading up to the race, aside from your last few training runs, you should stay off your feet as much as possible. While you’re resting up for race day, you can whiten your smile easily from home with bright on™ premium teeth whitening. Just 5 minutes in the morning and evening get your teeth to their whitest white in 1 week without disrupting everyday life, so you’ll be ready for your close-up at the finish line.

  2. Find a good spot out of direct sunlight.

    Nothing will cast a shadow over your post-race photo like direct sunlight overhead. Snag your photo near the finish line, of course, but then find a shady spot off to the side or near the post-race party where you can get the perfect shot for social media and show off your new bling. (You can always brighten your photo, but it’s trickier to pull out all the shadows and still maintain good photo quality.)

  3. Play up props.

    If you’re not sure what to do with your hands, hold up your race bib, show off your medal, or grab hold of your silver thermal blanket. Interacting with some sort of prop will look the most natural and help give off the confidence and excitement of a finisher.

  4. Smile big.

Congrats, runner, you did it. Show off those pearly whites with confidence, because you earned this post-race selfie. Another fun way to show off your winning smile and your race bling? Bite down on your medal like all the pros – and then wait for the likes to start rolling in.

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