Before the Race

Please visit the "Register" page for registration information.

You can submit 12 characters (including spaces) to be printed on your bib number when you register online on or before February 20, 2020. Simply type your message into the Personalize your Bib field during registration. Beware of using symbols as not all symbols will print correctly on bib numbers.

  1. Log into MyEvents at
  2. Find the race you wish to edit and select the red “Edit Registration” button
  3. Alter your bib personalization
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “Continue” to save your changes

The start line corral system allows for a smooth race start for participants of varying speeds. Based on the estimated finish time that you provide on your race entry form, you are assigned a race number and corresponding corral, along with other participants of similar running pace.

On or before February 20, 2020: If you would like to change your corral/predicted finish time for your race, simply follow these steps:

  • Log into MyEvents at
  • Find the race you wish to edit and select the red “Edit Registration” button
  • Alter your predicted finish time
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “Continue” to save your changes

After February 20, 2020: If your training has gone better than expected and you would like to move up to a faster corral, pick up your race number at the Health & Fitness Expo and then proceed to the “Corral Change” table to be re-assigned to the appropriate corral. To move back to a slower corral, simply start in that corral on race morning. No official corral change is necessary.

On or before February 20, 2020: You may defer your race entry to the following year for a $45 deferral fee. Entries will only be deferred to the following year for the same city and distance of your current registration. Please Note:

  • Deferral fees are non-refundable.
  • Only Marathon and Half Marathon entries can be deferred.
  • We will send you a registration link for the following years event within two weeks of general registration opening where you will be asked to pay the deferral fee of $45.00, plus Active processing fees
  • Should you be unable to compete the at the event the following year, you will not be eligible to defer again


To  request a deferral of  your registration please email [email protected], on or before February 20, 2020.

After February 20, 2020: Unfortunately, the option to defer is only valid through February 20, 2020 and our standard cancellation policy will apply as follows: If a registration refund is not purchased at the time of registration, entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and entries are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Sorry, no exceptions. Once we receive and accept your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate. You may not give or sell your number to anyone else. You also may not transfer your application to the following year or to another Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series event.

Yes, All Rock 'n' Roll Events are USATF sanctioned.

Each registered participant and finisher will receive the following:

  • Race number, official timing device, technical T-shirt and swag bag to be picked up at the Health & Fitness Expo.
  • Water, Sports Drink & Sport Gel along the course
  • Refreshments and water at the start and finish lines
  • Entertainment stages with live music and cheerleaders from start to finish
  • Finisher’s medal when you cross the finish line
  • Post Race Concert
  • Downloadable finisher’s certificate post race

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Marathon, 12 years old to participate in the Half Marathon, and 8 years old to participate in the 5K.

In order to register someone under the age of 18, an adult over the age of 18 will need to complete the registration process for the individual. This is due to legal waivers needing to be signed upon registering.

  • Please select the distance, then login to as a guest.
  • The next question will ask, "Who are you registering?"
  • Please click the drop down and select the option, "Someone under the age of 18."
  • The rest of the registration form will be completed with the participant's information.
No bikes, rollerblades, strollers, skateboards, or dogs will be allowed on any part of the course. This is for everyone’s safety!
Most Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series courses are walker friendly. We just ask that all participants train in an effort to complete the course within the course time limit.
All Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathons are certified courses and a “qualifier” for the Boston Marathon.
Please view the "Expo" page for packet pick-up times and location.

Yes, but make sure to use the same name and date of birth. Be mindful of hyphens, abbreviations and spelling. If you have two registrations with different information, our awards system probably won’t send you anything shiny.

You can update your email preferences HERE.

Race Day

  • Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions.
  • Once we receive and accept your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate, you may not give or sell your race number to anyone else, and you may not transfer your entry fee to future races.
  • If you attempt to sell your race number, you may be banned from future Rock ‘n’ Roll events.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Marathon and 12 years old to participate in the Half Marathon or 2-Person Half Marathon Relay. You must be 10 years old to participate in the 10K. You must be 8 years old to participate in the 5K.
  • You must be in good health and physically prepared to take on the challenge of a Marathon or Half Marathon.
  • You must show photo ID to receive your race number and timing chip.
  • You must pick up your own race packet and race number at the Health & Fitness Expo.
  • Race numbers are required to participate.
  • No coaches, bikes, in-line skates, skateboards, baby joggers or dogs will be allowed on the course.
  • Overall winners will not qualify for their age group category awards.
Please visit the "Transport" page for the most current parking and transportation information.
Please visit the "Road Closures" page for the most current information.

Before you enter your assigned corral, drop-off your pre-race/post-race clothing and belongings at the Gear Check. While you run, your gear will be held at Gear Check.

Each participant will receive a large, durable gear bag at the Health & Fitness Expo when you pick up your packet that will serve as your gear bag on race day. Gear Check trucks will be arranged alphabetically and by truck number near the Start Line. Attach your gear tag to your gear bag before you leave it with the Gear Check crew. After the race, reclaim your checked bag at the designated Gear Check area.

Please note: DO NOT leave valuables, cash or jewelry in your gear bag. The event is not responsible for any lost items. Gear bags must be claimed before close of the Finish Line Festival on race day.

In an effort to provide every one of our participants with as comfortable a run as possible, the Wave Start will be incorporated in most Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series events.

Participants are assigned to an appropriate corral based on the projected finishing time submitted on their entry form. Typically, there are multiple waves assigned to several of the finishing times. All spectators should be aware of this when organizing their viewing schedule for the day.

  • When the gun fires, the first corral will be released. The rest of the participants will be held at the start line.
  • At pre-determined intervals the next corral will be released.
  • By using this staggered starting method, the pack will be spread out and allow every runner to settle into their racing rhythm from the first step right to the finish line.

The course time limit for the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Francisco Half Marathon is 4 hours.

To ensure that roads reopen to vehicular traffic at the scheduled times, the course time limits will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Participants must maintain a pace faster than the course time limits in order to complete the race on closed city streets. Two cut-off locations will be enforced on the course; runners or walkers who do not reach the cut-off location by this time will be stopped and shuttled to the finish line area or directed to another portion of the course. Please note – this is timing tag time, not gun time. All athletes must be off the EAST side of the Golden Gate Bridge by 9:15 AM and all athletes must be off the WEST side of the bridge by 10:05AM. Overall Course time limits begin when the last participant and Tail Vehicle cross the start line.

If a participant’s pace falls below the course time limit, they have a few options:

  • Increase their pace to stay within the event minimum pace;
  • Board a “sag wagon” shuttle to move forward on the course, where they may continue to participate in the event, maintaining the minimum pace required; or
  • If the participant cannot continue, they may board a sag wagon to be dropped off at the next shuttle location, at a nearby medical station. The participant will be seen by a Medical Team captain to be cleared for the medical shuttle to transport the participant to the finish line.


Information Booths will be positioned at the start and finish to assist you with any race day questions and help you find your way. The Information Booths will also serve as the race day Lost & Found. Any valuables found at the start or finish should be turned in to the Information Booth. Items from the start will be transported to the finish.

To claim a lost item after the event, please contact us at [email protected]
Please visit the "Courses" page to view course support.

Race timing is by Sportstats using chip on the bib technology which will automatically record participants’ times at the start, at certain splits along the courses and at the finish. Sportstats will be using disposable tags, glued onto your race bib, which allows you to walk away from the finish without the need to have your tag collected.

Please Note: All participants in the race must wear their race bib with the tag intact in order to have their times recorded. No bib = no time! Please make sure the race bib is pinned at torso height at the front and is visible throughout the race.

Visit for more information.

Help support your community, as well as the thousands of runners and walkers by volunteering! With almost 2,400 positions available there is a spot for everyone; including teams, corporate groups, family and friends.

If you are a medical professional, or you are interested in gaining more experience in the medical field, register for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Sports Medicine Team.

Please click here for volunteer information.

San Francisco Run Club will be providing the pacers for the below pace times:

  • 1:45
  • 2:00
  • 2:15
  • 2:30
  • 2:45
  • 3:00


The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series App offers the below:

  • Participant times, paces, estimates and places in real-time
  • Live Runner Tracking
  • Interactive Course maps
  • Push notifications as progress is made on course
  • Event information and messaging
  • Live Leaderboards
  • Social sharing

Download the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series App

There will be port-a-potties at the start and finish lines as well as approximately every 2 miles along the course.
There will be water, Gatorade Endurance (Lemon-Lime) and SiS gels (variety of flavors) on-course.

After the Race

Once you cross the finish line, you’ll enter the Secure Zone, a fenced off area designated for participants only. In the Secure Zone, have your photo taken, refuel with water and refreshments and receive your finisher’s medal. Once you leave the Secure Zone, you cannot re-enter. Just outside of the Secure Zone, you can retrieve your gear bag and join family and friends for the Finish Line Festival.

After the race, reunite with family and friends in the Family Reunion area and relish in your post race accomplishment with refreshments and live music at the finish line stage. With a large number of participants and thousands of excited spectators, it can be difficult to locate friends and family without a plan. It is highly recommended that you designate a meet-up location for friends and family BEFORE the race in the Family Reunion area. The Family Reunion area will post tall, clearly-marked signs by Letter (A – Z), so be sure to coordinate and plan to meet at a predetermined letter.

Age group awards will be presented 3-deep in all divisions, for both the marathon (where applicable) and half marathon, for male and female categories. Top 3 overall male and females are excluded from the age-group awards, as well as Elite runners and can only receive one prize. Awards can be picked up at the Awards Tent at the post race festival. Should you be unable to attend the festival, please contact the event specific email address within 30 days of the event to have the award shipped to you. Unclaimed awards will be held for 30 days and then donated to a local charity .In accordance with USATF Rules, overall and cash awards will be determined by gun time while age group awards will be determined by your chip time.

  • 12 – 14 (1/2 Marathon only)
  • 15 – 17 (1/2 Marathon only)
  • 18 – 24
  • 25 – 29
  • 30 – 34
  • 35 – 39
  • 40 – 44
  • 45 – 49
  • 50 – 54
  • 55 – 59
  • 60 – 64
  • 65 – 69
  • 70 – 74
  • 75 – 79
  • 80+

All finishers will be able to download their finisher’s certificate on the Results page of the race website within 5-7 days after the event.

All finishers will be able to view and purchase their photos from the event on the Results page of the race website within 5-7 business days after the event.

Please submit a results correction request and our timing company will look into your claim. Corrections will be updated on a weekly basis.

On race day, if the distance shown on your Forerunner is slightly more than the official race distance, it just means you weren’t cutting corners—quite literally. According to the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) course measurement guidelines (pg. 20), a road race course is defined by the shortest possible route a runner could take without being disqualified.

For most races, a certified measurer rides the course on a bike, staying near the curb and taking every available tangent. This ensures that all runners will run at least the declared race distance. After the race, if Forerunner shows that you ran a little farther, this just accounts for extra steps you took to run around others participants, hit a water stop or stay to the middle or outside lane.

Lost items that were found and turned in will be returned to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series office after the event. Please allow 1-2 weeks for transit time and inventory.

If you would like to follow up on a lost item, please contact us at [email protected]. Please Note: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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