The Emerald Isle is ready to rock for an epic 13.1 miles at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon! If you’re not ready for that long of a distance, test rel="noopener noreferrer" the waters at the 5K, 10K or 1 mile family fun run.

The course passes by many beautiful locations — plenty of opportunities to get that perfect mid-race selfie! Here are a few highlights:

  • Run by the historical Ha’penny Bridge, which has stood since 1816. For pedestrian use only upon first opening, people were charged a ha’penny (half penny) to walk across.
  • One of the most visited areas of Dublin is Temple Bar. Add it to the list of things to do after you finish running. Most people come here for the beer, but there’s a great arts and cultural scene in Temple Bar as well. You could rel="noopener noreferrer" even get a sneak peek with rel="noopener noreferrer" the live camera here!
  • Speaking of beer, the Guinness Brewery will be on the course as well, except you may want to finish cranking out those miles before you dip your taste buds into the most popular stout in the world.


A tip to many, as you may be crossing an ocean to run in Dublin, be sure you make other stops during your European adventure. Once you’re across the pond, you may as well explore a bit more while you’re there! If you have the time to spare, rent a car and take drive to Galway or to the beautiful Cliffs of Moher. Feast on your fair share of Irish breakfast, and don’t rel="noopener noreferrer" forget to try some Irish rel="noopener noreferrer" brown bread too for some carbo-loading. For those into sport, you may be able to see the Donkey Derby in the town of Omeath, some Gaelic football or one of the many Irish rugby games. London is also a quick flight away, and from there you could even take the underwater Eurostar train to France or Belgium! 


Irish breakfast


If you are looking for a summer running trip, look no further! Dublin is a vibrant city filled with friendly people, culture and nightlife. Whether you’re looking for competition, a party atmosphere or a family-friendly experience, Dublin delivers with the full package. You never know — the luck of the Irish could be on your side in August, and you could set a fresh personal best by the time you cross the finish line in Dublin!