We turned our clocks back for Daylight Savings … now what?

The time change doesn’t just mean it gets dark earlier – it also means it gets light out earlier. Take advantage of the early sunrise by getting your run done in the morning!

Sure, the initial adjustment of waking up and getting yourself out the door may be a little tough, but with new winter running gear, that fresh fall air, and the feeling of accomplishment to look forward to, running in the mornings can be fun!


So next question: How do we actually get up – and get going – earlier? Going to bed at a reasonable hour is a good start, but here are some more tips for springing out of bed and pounding pavement – instead of snoozing your alarm:

Set an alarm to a song that revs you up.

It’s as easy as editing the regular alarm function that comes with your iPhone and picking a song instead of a sound.

Place your phone or alarm in a part of your room.

… or even in another room. This will force you to physically get out of bed to turn it off. Another idea: Place your alarm next to a coffee pot that you can set to pre-brew, pre-alarm, so that the caffeine smell can help keep you out of bed once you arrive to shut off your wake-up call.

Look at some “fitspiration.”

Whether it’s Instagram accounts or magazine images, scroll through something that will inspire you to take action while you’re trying to shake the sleepies.

Pre-make a Breakfast You’ll Get Excited About.

Make a bomb breakfast for yourself the night before – and only let yourself have it if you get up early and work out.

Above all, remember that it takes time to get used to. Different research claims different amounts of time, but, generally, habit forming takes place in the two- to four-week range. Everyone is different though, and don’t beat yourself up if it feels impossible for a while. Just keep doing it because the more frequently you start your morning with a run or workout, the easier and more normal it will become. It’s simply getting into a new routine.


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