The EDP Rock n Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ Maintains Its Commitment to Cardioprotection

  • The test reinforces your sanitary device with ten defibrillator
  • The public and people from the vicinity benefit from the cardioprotection of Proyecto + Vida for the second consecutive year. 


Madrid, April 20, 2018 - On Sunday, April 28, Madrid hosts the EDP Rock n Roll Madrid Marathon & ½, which celebrates its 42st edition as a reference in marathons and Spanish athletics events. The 39.000 participants will run through the main arteries of the capital under a complete health device that B + Safe (Grupo Almas Industries) reinforces with ten defibrillators.

To the increase of runners of this year, signal of the prestige of the competition, it is necessary to add the numerous public that accompanies it, in an event that also has the rock like protagonist. To enjoy this sport and music show and take care of the hearts of athletes and spectators, the organization has 10 defibrillators donated by Proyecto + Vida, a B + Safe social responsibility space.

The EDP Rock 'N' Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 is an example in its commitment to the safety of the heart of its runners. In the 2017 edition, he already had another ten defibrillators in a clear commitment to cardioprotection.

These cardioprotection devices allow a rapid response to cardiac arrest and are added to the important medical equipment provided by the organization. Of the 10 defibrillators, eight will be on the backs of skaters, which speeds up the intervention in cases of emergencies. Also, one will be at the end of the route, in physiotherapy; and another in podiatry, two areas of cardiovascular risk after completing the effort.

The race has three distances: the marathon, with 42.195 meters; half marathon, 21,097 meters; and a 10-kilometer route. To cope in the best way with the effort of these tests, the organization recommends runners to have previous medical check-ups. To support the effort of the runners there will be different liquid and solid refreshment points (fruit) during the circuit, as well as several medical assistance points and a SAMUR campaign hospital in the finish area.

José Antonio Martín Urrialde , director of Assistance Services of the Edp Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2, states that "in the Edp Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ a special device with foreseeable risk is planned, designed and organized. for the attention of participants, organizers and spectators. We take all the precautions and technologies at our disposal to maintain security in the event, and at any point of the route the nearest Hospital is not more than seven minutes.

For his part, Nuño Azcona , general director of B + Safe, points out that "the organization of the Edp Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 demonstrates a great commitment towards the cardiac security of its thousands of runners trusting in Project + Life one more year". "We want to promote cardioprotected sport through defibrillators, since it is the only solution in the face of a shockable cardiac arrest and there is no better way to encourage citizens than normalizing their presence," adds Azcona.


Project + Life

This is the social responsibility project of the B + Safe company, created to promote real and effective heart care and cardioprotection. It was born with the idea of responding to the problem of high mortality due to cardiac arrest in our country, through the promotion and dissemination of cardioprotection and informing about its importance. This support is provided through workshops, training talks, donation of equipment, cardioprotection of events or the sponsorship of congresses and conferences on health.

DOC® solution

Technological advances have made it possible to create DESA that is easy to use by non-health personnel and with the maximum guarantees of quality and safety.

B + Safe has patented the DOC® solution  (Connected Operational Defibrillator) unique in the market that offers all the solutions integrated in the equipment, which can be connected and remain operational 24 hours a day. The system, which uses 24 hours a day, includes telecontrol services, geolocation and tele-assistance provided by Allianz Assistance, automatic distress alert, 24-hour telephone helpline and on-site reactive and proactive maintenance.

B + Safe also provides training of the highest quality given by its partners, all nurses or emergency technicians in active, approved to teach the courses of CPR / SVB and use of the DESA with all the guarantees, through a practical approach and the closest to the reality from his experience in the day to day confirming how important and easy it can be to be said knowledge to save life.

Cardioprotected spaces 'connected'

Cardioprotection is an emerging trend aimed at protecting the heart in case of cardiac episodes. The large number of deaths due to cardiac arrest in the population has encouraged governments, companies, entities and associations to raise awareness among the population and take measures to reverse the situation thanks to the creation of cardioprotected areas or spaces. These areas have, depending on the area and the number of people attending, at least one or more defibrillators, with an adequate maintenance service and with appropriately trained people to ensure rapid action in the event of sudden cardiac arrest (to get it back to normal). beat the heart of the affected person), until the arrival of emergency medical services.

In this way, it is important that in the Autonomous Communities inform the competent authorities of a registry to get a map or list of cardioprotection points in each of those areas.

In order for the chances of survival in the face of sudden cardiac arrest to be optimal, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) must be performed immediately to maintain the necessary flow of oxygenated blood to the brain until the normal heart rhythm is restored by the electric shock supplied. by a defibrillator. The maximum time to apply defibrillation to a person who has suffered sudden cardiac arrest is within the first 5 minutes.

Four critical steps have been identified to treat sudden cardiac arrest, called

Survival Chain :

  1. Recognition and call to the emergency service.
  2. Rapid cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  3. Early defibrillation
  4. Arrival of the ambulance and post-resuscitation care

About B + Safe

B + Safe is the Spanish subsidiary of the Almas Industries Group, a multinational leader in health and safety technologies for companies. B + Safe is a specialist in the application of innovative technologies in corporate security at the level of access, goods and people.

Almas Industries is the division of Butler Industries with added-value technological solutions linked to the health and safety of companies, being specialists in the area of Biometrics and in the area of Healthcare. From B + Safe offers the most advanced range of solutions, covering the entire national territory, both in marketing and installation as well as service and maintenance, of all solutions. B + Safe is present in the Community of Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country, the Valencian Community, Andalusia, Galicia, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.


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