The EDP Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ and Coca-Cola renew their collaboration agreement for the next three years, committing themselves to continue working to improve the environmental and social sustainability of this benchmark event, both inside and outside our borders.

Running in our city and taking care of our natural environment should be a practice shared by all. Running, like any other sport, and environmental responsibility are inseparable commitments where we all play a crucial role in its fulfillment.

That is why since 2018, the EDP Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ and Coca-Cola have worked together to ensure the sustainability of the event, reducing the environmental impact and facilitating the wellbeing of all participants, staff and volunteers that are part of the event. In the last edition, there were measures put in place that aimed at reducing the waste generated and promoting recycling. This was through the collection of plugs and plastics at the start line and finish line, by installating specific containers at the refreshment stations, and by involving young people from the GIRA Jóvenes Program, which aims to train and improve the employability of Coca-Cola youth in the organization of the event.

For the 2019 edition, all these actions will be reinforced from the organization through the training of volunteers and members of the race around recycling systems and measures of sustainability in urban sport events. The Edp Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ and Coca-Cola Company think that an event cannot be successful if it is not developed in a sustainable way. Through these and other actions of environmental awareness, it is our goal that all organizers and athletes collaborate to keep our city clean and maintained.

The EDP Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ and Coca-Cola will continue collaborating for three more years and the event Will maintain its seal of "Event With Good Atmosphere" (created by Coca-Cola to recognize those events that comply with the criteria included in the "Events with Good Environment" Guide).  This means the event will implement sustainable recycling and waste collection measures at the race, promot actions in favor of the environment the day of the event as well as the previous days at ExpoDepor, and develop actions to reduce the environmental impact.

Athletes will be also encouraged and informed so that they maintain a responsible attitude towards the environment, inviting them to collaborate with the initiative during their participation in the event.


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