• Date: April 26th, 2020
  • Hours
    • 10K: 8:00
    • Hand Bikes & WheelChairs: 8:40
    • Elite Marathon: 8:45
    • Marathon & ½ Marathon Corrals 1, 2 and 3: 8:50
    • Marathon & ½ Marathon Corrals 4 and 5: 9:05
    • Marathon & ½ Marathon Corrals 6, 7 and 8: 9:20
  • Starting Line LocationPº de la Castellana between Ortega and Gassett and Marqués de Villamagna.
  • Participants limit-Marathon: 13,000
  • Participants limit- 1/2 Marathon: 18,000
  • Participants limit-10k: 8,000
  • Time limit-Marathon: 6 hours
  • Time limit-1/2 Marathon: 3 hours
  • Time limit-10k: 1 hour and 30 minutes


  • You must be at least 18 years old to run in the Marathon, 1/2 Marathon and 10K.
  • You must healthy and able to participate in the challenge of the Marathon, 1/2 Marathon and 10K. The organization advises a medical checkup.
  • In the registration process the organization asks for your shirt size. Please make sure to choose your shirt size correctly because, once registration has been formalized, no change of size are allowed in any case. Click here for detailed sizing of shirt.

* If remaining entries available in these distances


How To Register

Sign up for EDP Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & ½ Madrid is easy! Just choose the distance at which you want to participate and Register Online.

Personalize Your Bib

All those registered prior to March 31, 2020 will carry the name provided in the process of registration in the field “Bib Personalization”.

Packet Pickup

Everyone registered for the EDP Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ have to collect their Race Bibs and swag Bags at the EXPODEPOR – Sports Expo. To collect the Race Bib runners must present an OFFICIAL ID WITH PHOTO along with the DOCUMENT THAT STATES YOUR RACE NUMBER.

  • Place: IFEMA (check map)
  • Date: 24 and 25 April 2020
  • Entry: Free

If you are unable to come collect the race bib during the stated days, someone else can collect it for you, presenting a photocopy of your ID with the DOCUMENT THAT STATES YOUR RACE NUMBER.

*Under no circumstances can race bibs be collected on the day of the race. 

Corral Changes

The corral system allows for the start line to be organized by participants distinct times. Based on the expected finishing time provided during the registration process, a race bib will be assigned that is valid for the corral that corresponds to said time.

  • To change to a slower corral, simply move back to this corral on the day of the race. This is all that is required.
  • If your training has gone better than expected and you want to move to a quicker corral, collect your Race Bib in the Expodepor – Sports Expo and go to the ”Corral Changes” stand to change to the appropriate corral. IMPORTANT: To do this, it is necessary to show a diploma or official classification from another race where the new time was achieved.


Registrations are 50% refundable when you present a medical note indicating that you suffer an injury that prevents participation in the trial. The medical note should be sent to the organization before 31/03/20. If it is not sent before this date to the organization even though the fall report is before this date, you will not be refunded any amount.

The medical note will be sent to the organization by e-mail ([email protected]) or in person at the customer service office in C/ Donoso Cortés, 54 (Madrid) along with writing from the broker indicating the bank details for the correct return of 50 % of the full amount.

It is the injured runner’s obligation to confirm the organization’s reception of the medical note.

Refunds that have not followed this procedure will not be accepted.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Marathon, 1/2 Marathon and 10K.
  • You must have good health and physical condition to participate in the Marathon, 1/2 Marathon and 10K. The organization advises a medical check-up with stress test. All enrolled in the EDP Rock n Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ can benefit from an exclusive offer at the Healthing Medical Center.
  • The inscriptions are not transferable to future editions of EDP Rock'n'Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 or other Rock'n'Roll Marathon Series events.


Race Rules


  • Registration fees are non-refundable or transferable. No exception.
  • Once we receive and process your registration, you will not receive a refund in the case that you cannot participate. You cannot sell your race bib to a third party or transfer your registration to future editions of this race.
  • If you try to sell your race bib you will not be allowed to enter future races of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series during the next three years.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the Marathon, half marathon AND 10K distances.
  • You must be in good physical condition to be able to participate in any of the three distances.
  • It is compulsory that the race bib be visibly worn, not altered and placed in the center of the chest. Any other way and the runner will be disqualified.
  • The following cannot participate in any of the distances: Bicycles, motorbikes, motorized vehicles (Fossil fuel and Natural), skates, strollers, buggies, animals, etc.

Get Around the City

If you want to move around the city of Madrid there is no better way to do it than the public transport system. You have two reasonably priced options:

  • Metro: The Madrid Metro system (Similar to the Subway and Tube) is one of the best in Europe and is the quickest way to get anywhere in the city. The Madrid Metro Network is agile, safe and fast. For more information:
    • The closest Metro station to the start line : Colón
    • The closest Metro station to the Finish Line: Atocha
    • The closest Metro station to Expodepor- sports Expo: (Campo de las Naciones)
  • BUS:  To complete your way of getting around Madrid, you can also use the bus. Its extensive network of transportation will enable you to go anywhere in the city and its outskirts in a very short time. For more information:
    • The Bus stop closest to the start line: 1,2,9,14,15,20,27,34,37,45,51,52,53,74,146,203
    • The Bus Stop closest to the Finish Line: 2,10,14,19,20,26,28,32,63,152,C1,C2
    • The Bus Stop closest to Expodepor- sports Expo: 112, 122, 828

Baggage/Gear Check

Participants registered in any of the three distances of the EDP Rock´n´Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ may use the baggage check service free of charge.

Where is the Baggage Check located?
The Baggage Check drop off and pick up is located in Paseo de Recoletos, near the finish line, approximately 1200 meters from the starting line (Paseo de la Castellana).

How and when can runners drop off their Official Gear Bags?
When runners pick up their bib number at the Expo, they will also receive a numbered sticker that will match the bib number, and an Official Gear Bag. This bag must be used on race day to store personal items. The sticker should be placed on the indicated space on the Official Gear bag.

The Gear Check service will be open on April 26th from 7am until 15:30 pm, the same day.

Each distance, Marathon, ½ Marathon, and 10k will have a different designated Baggage Check Area.

Runners should drop off their bags at the TENTS corresponding to both their distance and the last digit of their bib number.

Time Limits

To ensure that the roads will open to traffic properly and on time, the following time limits on the races have been established:

  • Marathon: 6 Hours
  • ½ Marathon: 3 Hours
  • 10k: 1 Hour 30 Minutes


The medical services of the EDP Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Maratón & ½ offered to you during all the races is an integral service to ensure you run the safest way. With the deployment of services by the SAMUR, along with volunteers from our services deployed around the course and in the finish zone, you will have a safe and rewarding experience

  • Medical Assistance on course
  • Health Assistance from Skates
  • Physiotherapy service in the Finish Line (for runners of the ½ Marathon & Marathon)
  • Podiatry service in the Finish Line (For runners of the ½ Marathon & Marathon)
  • SAMUR Field Hospital in the Finish Line Zone

Course Support

On the course and in the finish line zone there will be different support stations where runners can hydrate with water or a POWERADE isotonic drink and eat solid foods as well such as fruit.


Within the EDP Rock´n´Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ are aid stations that will provide fruit to all those requiring extra energy. It is important to put the trash remains in different containers ready for such use: remember, never on the floor! Stepping on these remains could cause a runner to slip and hurt themselves or others.

Race Timing

During the EDP Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Marathon & ½ you will use the bibs “MYLAPS BibTag” for comprehensive monitoring of your time. On the back of your Race Bib you can find a chip (Tag) and a foam pad. Please read the instructions below so that your time is taken correctly after the race.

Tips to ensure that the chip controls your time correctly:

  • Put the Race bib on your chest so that your number is visible to everyone. Do not cover your number with a jacket or with your hands when you are crossing the timing mats. By Please pay attention when you use a clock on the timing mats at the Start and Finish Line.
  • Never make copies of or damage the number. Especially where the BibTag is.
  • Use the four safety pins in the corners of your Race Bib. Don’t damage or puncture the BibTag.
  • Do not remove the foam pad on the BibTag
  • If you have your own MYLAPS ChampionChip, you can leave it in your shoe. It will not influence your BibTag time.

Pace Team

Each race will have pacers with Balloons marked with different finishing times of the race. According to their time they will be placed in different corrals at the start line, always being visible for runners that want to follow the pace that is marked on the balloon.

Pacers Finishing Times:

  • Marathon: 3h/3h 15 min/ 3h 30 min/ 3h 45 min/4h/4h 15 min/4h 30 min/5h
  • ½ Marathon: 1h 30 min/1h 40 min/1h 50 min/2h
  • 10K: 40 min/45 min/50 min/55 min/1h


Secure Zone

Once you have crossed the finish line, you will enter the secure zone, a closed off area designated exclusively for participants. In the secure zone you can take photos, hydrate with water, consume refreshments and receive your well deserved Finisher Medal. Once you have left the secure zone, you cannot re-enter. The medical services will be available to help you, even with a massage after the race. After the secure zone you can collect your bag from Gear Check.

Event Partners

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