Become a volunteer of the EDP ROCK´N´ROLL MADRID Marathon & ½ and live the race from the inside!


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Volunteers play a vital role in the organization of this event and thanks to the help of these hundreds of people, the smooth running of all areas is our priority. These areas are covered by volunteers that collaborate in the EDP Rock ´n´ Roll Madrid Marathon & 1/2 as described below:

  • COURSE SUPPORT: You’ll be in strategic areas of travel offering not only supplies the runners need, but also words of encouragement so necessary in these moments, the runners will appreciate you!
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: If you want to help the city to remain intact after the passage of the runners, this is for you! Our mission is that the next day no one will know a marathon has just been run in Madrid.
  • FINISH LINE: You will focus your efforts on arrival and will be of the first people to see the runners. Your work will be very important since you will offer immediate liquid refreshment for finishers.
  • MEDALS: You will be responsible for hanging Medals on the necks of runners who have arrived at the finish line, a moment that you won’t forget!
  • REFRESHMENTS: In this area you will give solid supplies much-needed by the runners, one of the most important activities in the finish line area.
  • BAGGAGE CHECK: You’ll be in one of the most important areas of the event. In the cloakroom, you deliver bags that runners have previously deposited and you can exchange impressions about the race with them. You will be the last one who sees them before they leave the circuit and remember: the runners are the most important!
  • EXPODEPOR-FAIR SPORT 2018: As part of the Staff of Expodepor-fair of sport, everyone in the team cares about the runners the days prior to the race. You will live a unique experience with lovers of the sport like you.

Each of these functions are supervised and directed by the Head of Department who will give the guidelines to each of the volunteers for their proper functioning.

If you wish to participate as a volunteer, please contact us at [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We remind you that you can sign up also by going to the headquarters of exhibitions: C/ Donoso Cortés No. 54 (28015 MADRID).

EXCEPTIONAL people for a unique event!

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