Registration Available at Expo Only

Online registrations are now closed. If you are interested in being part of the event, please visit s at the Expo in Plaza Mayor Convention Center.


  • Friday and Saturday, March 8 and 9, 2019


  • 10am - 6pm



Do you need to register in person with cash at your nearest Corresponsal Bancario Bancolombia in Colombia? If so, please read the following documents and follow the procedures.

Procedure To Pay Your Registration In Cash

Dear athlete, the following procedure only applies if you are going to pay your registration in cash in Colombian territory. Cash payment can only be made in Colombia and under the conditions bellow.

If you wish to pay in a simpler form, you can pay with a credit card in the following link:

To pay for your registration in cash, you must follow each and every step stated below.  Take into account that if you don’t follow this steps your registration will not be completed. 

The amount to be paid for registration when it is made in cash is in Colombian pesos and include the administrative costs of using the Active platform as well as the bank costs that are caused by making the payment in cash.

  • 21K: COP$215
  • 10K: COP$195
  • 5K: COP$145


  1. Please head to the nearest “Corresponsal Bancario Bancolombia”.In the following link you can find the “Corresponsal Bancario Bancolombia” that is closest to you: (Keep in mind that the payment cannot be made in ATMs or bank branches)
  2. Indicate to the bank representative that you are going to make a cash payment to code 75280.
  3. You must provide the bank representative with the identification number of the athlete who is going to compete in the “Rock-n-Roll Medellín”.
  4. Once payment has been made, you must send the proof of payment provided by the bank representative to with the following information about the athlete who is going to participate: (i) name, (ii) last name, (iii) ID (cedula de ciudania, passport, etc.), (iv) email, (v) phone number, (vi) distance you are going to compete in (21k, 10k o 5k).
  5. The “Rock-n-Roll Medellín” organization will then send you an email with instructions on how to complete your registration through our platform.
  6. You will fill out our online form via (
  7. You will then receive a confirmation email from Colombia Tri Events confirming your registration for the 2019 “Rock-n-Roll Medellín”.

 Remember you must follow all the steps mentioned above in order to be successfully registered for our event!

NOTE: Remember that if you make the payment in cash but do not formalize your registration by sending the payment proof to the email with the information indicated previously in the step number 4, your registration will not be complete and therefore you will not be able to participate in the Race.