Description course

The Rock´n´Roll Half Marathon MÉRIDA and the 10K Race course are totally flat, so it can be considered a fast course. You will be running practically at sea level (Merida city elevation is just 30 ft over the see level), so you will feel very well physically. In terms of temperature, Merida is a city with hot wheather, but at the end of the year wheather drops a little. In addition, the race begins at sunset and you will be finishing at night. It is estimated that the wheather for Saturday, November 3rd, will be a maximum of 89°F in the morning and 69°F minimum by night.

The race start at the Monument of La Patria, on the Paseo de Montejo, the main and must beautiful avenue in Merida, full of trees and with houses and buildings inspired by the French and Italian architecture of the Porfirian Era.

Just 440 yards after the start you will turn right to take Av. Colon, which will take you to the Parque de las Americas, which is, perhaps, the most beautiful park in Merida. It is a very large park that covers 4 blocks that divide it naturally into 4 sections. The first one has a monumental Fountain inspired by the "neomaya" style. The second one is the Cultural Section with a library and a special area for kids. Third block has the "Concha acústica", which is an outdoor theater. And the fourth one es a big playground. You will cross in the middel of the park, between the four blocks to take the same Av. Colón to go back to Paseo de Montejo.

Among the most outstanding constructions you will find the beautiful manor house Quinta Montes Molina and El Minaret, both were built at the begining of the Century XX and today are open to the public for social, cultural and business meetings. The Palacio Cantón also builted in 1900s is today the Regional Museum of Anthropology and History, and the Monumento A los Montejo. There is where the route change direction to go to the Historical Center reaching the "Plaza Grande" ("Big Square") call also as "Zócalo", one of the largest in Mexico, with large and beautiful gardens and surrounded by the main buildings of historical value built during the Colonial era. You will pass in front of the Cathedral de San Idelfonso, which is the oldest cathedral in Mexico and the first in all of Latin America, built between 1562 and 1599. You will also run in front of the Casa de Los Montejo (House of the Montejo), of Renaissance style and built by the founders of Mérida for his family; nowadays it is a house of culture and museum. Also surrounded the "Plaza Grande" are the Government Palace and the Olympus Cultural Center.

You will be back to the Pase de Montejo, North direction, until the Monument of La Patria, and runners of the 10K Race will turn left there to take Av. Del Deportista to go straight to the finish line at the General Salvador Alvarado Stadium.

But the Half Marathon Runners will pass by the Monument of La Patria, to continue now at the Prolongación Paseo de Montejo. At this area you still will found old mansions as The Twin Houses (Las Casas Gemelas), the Casa Molina Duarte and the Casa Peón de Regil, one of the most atractives of the city of neoclassical style and columns of different styles. Today it is the headquarters of the corporate offices of Inbursa Bank.

Further on, the same avenue will take us to a commercial area with modern buildings. You will run besides the Glorieta de la Paz, the Club Campestre Yucatán and before crossing the overpass it will be the return to the same avenue Prolongación Paseo de Montejo, but now to South direction. You will turn right at 1 Street and go back to Prolongación Paseo de Montejo all the way back to Monumet of La Patria but, before you get there you must turn right at 19 Street and then go back to Paseo de Montejo and then turn right to take Av. Del Deportista to got straight to the finish line at the General Salvador Alavardo Stadium.

Remember that, during the all course there will be live music bands cheering to all runners and everyone on the road.