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Welcome to the 2019 Humana Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Marathon & 1/2 Marathon! Check out everything you need to know to be prepared for this weekend. Read up, and you will be able to make it to the Start Line with fresh legs and a beaming smile.

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From the Tempo

    Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans: A Homecoming on a 50 State Journey

    • Scott Bibbins
    • /
    • February 02, 2018

    This weekend, I am coming home. There are many reasons why I am running Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans for my first Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series event of 2018 as a part of the 2018 Rock ‘n’ Blog team. For one, New Orleans has a special place in my heart–it’s where I grew up, and I am eager to run the streets that I used to walk as a kid. New Orleans is also celebrating its 300th year this weekend, and I am excited to join all the tricentennial festivities. I’ll get the chance to see the wonderful culture of the city in full force for this special occasion. 

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    How to Rock ‘n’ Run New Orleans in 48 Hours

    • runrocknroll
    • /
    • December 22, 2017

    The Big Easy, NOLA, N’awlins – no matter how you refer to it, there’s no denying the unique spirit of one of the South’s most interesting cities. From the historic neighborhoods and jazz culture to the incomparable cuisine and haunting tales, the soul of New Orleans is felt wherever you go.

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    My Return to New Orleans – Thanks to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series

    • Amanda Carey
    • /
    • September 12, 2017

    As Hurricane Harvey wreaks devastation on many communities throughout Texas, I can’t help but flash back to Katrina and how she left New Orleans in total havoc, almost exactly 12 years ago in 2005. I visited New Orleans in 2007, and much of the city was still in shambles. Home sites that were a heap of rubble, torn down but left to rot. Rats that were larger than my house cats, running rampant through the streets, along the shelves of convenience stores and behind the scenes in many restaurant kitchens. Feral cats had been released at some point in an attempt to control the rat population; however, the rats outgrew those feral cats. Bourbon Street was about the only thing “happening” in town. But the bars and restaurants along that strip were eroded and dingy, and the floors were sticky. It reminded me of college days long gone, where my feet would stick to the floor at fraternity parties. Bourbon Street was one big frat party in 2005. A frat party with strip clubs. About every second or third storefront in those days had women, partially clothed, standing in the doorway, soliciting visitors. I can’t say I was impressed. Our short trip was too long, and I vowed never to return to New Orleans.


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