Burn to Give: Application created by a child that impacts the lives of people in a positive way, transforming the calories you burn doing sports in calories for children in malnutrition around the world. With more than 70 thousand users a world level in its primer month of release, publication is that this movement to bring to those who need it most is the work of all, so the Nissan Rock ‘n’ Roll Santiago Half Marathon 2018 Present and dice will be a “Burn to Give” event, combating obesity and malnutrition through sports and rock.

Paternitas Foundation: Seeks to break the circle of crime, providing support to young people and adults linked to the criminal world. The foundation will participate in the Nissan Rock ‘n’ Roll Santiago Half Marathon 2018 with exquisite food menus, which they will find in their food trucks. Led by a non-renowned chef, these young people contribute more than 750 foods to the main staff of the event, which can also be achieved at the Expo as well as at the main festival.

Paralympic Committee of Chile: Seeks to Promote the development of Paralympic sport in Chile, delivering the best opportunities and training conditions for athletes. Committee athletes will actively participate in the event, both before and on the day of the race. Why this mega event of running and rocking everyone, regardless of our time and physical condition, is that these sports heroes accompany us in the Nissan Rock ‘n’ Roll Santiago Half Marathon 2018.

Garbage Foundation: Nissan Rock ‘n’ Roll Santiago Half Marathon 2018, knows the effect of garbage in our country. For this reason, the Garbage Foundation will be present advising and training to achieve a Zero Waste challenge, through practices such as ecodesign, reuse, recycling, composting and biodigestion.

Boston Run Foundation: Foundation that seeks to promote sport by taking perseverant athletes to a dream: “The Boston Marathon”. They focus on people who can spread the message of healthy living, sports and communities beyond their immediate circle, who are references of the environment and who inspire others to practice sports. Each year, they award an athlete with a ticket and full assistance to the Boston Marathon. They are part of Nissan Rock ‘n’ Roll Santiago Half Marathon 2018, motivating us to train and pursue more challenges.