Team Chocolate Milk athlete, Bryon Solberg, puts in the real work needed to overcome physical challenges and power through 100 marathons. Bryon Solberg is BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK.

In January 2018, Dr. Bryon Solberg completed his 100th marathon, but his journey to 100 was far from ordinary. In 1999, Dr. Solberg, a life-long athlete and outdoorsman, received a spinal diagnosis that left him unable to walk. Determined not to let a diagnosis define him, Bryon put in the day-in-and-day-out work required to reach his goal of someday returning to competition, as a runner. There were no shortcuts or excuses, just dedication to getting back up and pushing harder. After re-learning how to walk twice after surgeries, Bryon has pushed himself beyond the limits by finding support and inspiration through the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

More than 10 years later, Bryon has no plans of stopping at milestone 100. Armed with three left leg braces, two right braces and a cane, he’s set his eyes on conquering 2,018 miles in 2018, along with his fifth Boston Marathon. Such ambition is no surprise for someone with such passion for what he does. “When I am understanding the simplicity of a marathon. I feel so alive. During those times, I am free from all that has happened and all that may come,” says Bryon.

Bryon follows a vigorous training schedule, making recovery an essential part of his routine. He is able to get back out day after day by refueling with lowfat chocolate milk. “Lowfat chocolate milk is my go-to recovery drink,” Bryon says. “I trust the protein and carbohydrate ratio to help me refuel after my workouts. It’s the real deal for real recovery.”

Bryon represents Team Chocolate Milk alongside fellow professional athletes, including three-time Triathlon World Champion Mirinda Carfrae, NBA All-Star Klay Thompson, and Professional Hockey Player Zach Parise. This group of athletes understands how the high-quality protein and nutrients in lowfat chocolate milk can help them recover and rebuild their muscles after tough workouts – so they can get back out and give it their all in their next workout or competition.

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