Half Marathon Relay Register

At a Glance

Date: June 6, 2021

Start Time: 06:15 AM*

Time Limit: 4 hours
* Times subject to change

Start Line: 6th & Quince at Balboa Park

Finish Line: Ash Street at Union Street

Course Map: 2020 Half Marathon Course Map (PDF) 2021 Course Map Coming Soon

What is a Relay?

The 2-Person Half Marathon Relay breaks up the half marathon distance between two people.  The two participants do not run together.  One relay member will start the course and run the first leg.  The second relay participant will wait at the transition zone and begin running the second leg of the course once their teammate (member 1) reaches this area.

Relay Split distances:
Leg 1: 6.3 miles
Leg 2: 6.8 miles

Transition Zone location: Adams Ave at approx. mile 6.3

How does the second leg runner get to the transition zone?

We provide complimentary shuttles for runners trying to get to the transition zone located on Adams Ave. It is encouraged for both runners per team to arrive at the Start Line (Balboa Park) on race day morning. Second leg runners are able to locate the relay shuttle one block from the start line.

How does the first leg runner get to the finish line from the transition zone?

Congrats on completing the first leg of the half marathon course! Once you reach the transition zone, we will have shuttles taking runners to the finish line so you can celebrate with your partner and enjoy the finish line festival. You will get a medal and refreshments at the transition zone.