Safe Return to Running Guidelines

The Ready to Rock: Safe Return to Running Guidelines will empower everyone involved to focus on a safe return to running. These guidelines outline measures we will be taking to reduce risk for participants, volunteers, our team and communities. With attention to density reduction, touchpoint minimization, enhanced hygiene, screening and education, as well as self-awareness, we will continue to deliver to you a rockin’ participant experience with necessary adjustments so that you can race safely, race smart, race your best.

The Five Principles of our Safe Return to Running

Enhanced Hygiene

  • Hand sanitizer, hand washing stations and disinfectant wipes will be readily available around our event venues. Cleaning of common venue areas will be enhanced.
  • Staff and volunteers will be provided with face coverings, and are required to wear the face covering properly at all times around the event venue. Disposable gloves will be used in applicable areas.
  • Participants will be provided with face coverings at packet pick-up, and participants are required to wear a face covering properly around our event venues, including the start corrals and finish line areas. Find the World Health Organization (WHO) instructional video on how to properly wear a mask here.

Screening and Education

  • We are providing training for staff and volunteers in appropriate personal health, personal hygiene, and safe support in necessary functional areas.
  • We will provide Volunteer Smart™ guidelines for event volunteers.
  • Participants, staff, and volunteers will be required to respond to a pre-event health questionnaire.
  • We will in many venues institute no-touch body temperature screening. Individuals with a body temperature greater than 100.4° Fahrenheit, or 38° Celsius will not be allowed to participate, volunteer or work.

Touchpoint Minimization

  • We will be reducing or removing touchpoints and points of interaction between staff, participants, and volunteers without compromising event safety and security.
  • We have redesigned and reimagined areas such as packet pick-up, expo, merchandise, and finish line to minimize person-to-person contact.
  • Aid stations will be reconfigured with more space to minimize both participant-to volunteer and participant-to-participant touchpoints.

Rockstar Run Smart ™ Participant Support

  • We will introduce the ‘Return to Running Pledge,’ emphasizing participant responsibility for competitive cooperation, and consideration of our community while participating.
  • Participants should review and embrace the Rockstar Run Smart™ Running Tips
  • Participants will be empowered to determine their individual level of self-reliance to further minimize their interactions and touchpoints with other participants, volunteers or staff.
  • While plenty of aid stations will still be present along the course, participants will be encouraged to carry their own nutrition and hydration by using items such as hydration vests and belts.

Density Reduction

  • We will institute measures to increase space for participants and supporting personnel in areas such as expo, packet pickup and finish line.
  • Alternative start configurations may be implemented to reduce the number of participants waiting in an enclosed area and to optimize distancing opportunities.
  • Modification or elimination of non-essential race services and functions, such as expo and merchandise may also occur.

The most significant element in course density reduction is being able to extend the duration of the start line program.

Analysis of course participant density - primarily from runner flow data from previous races - indicates that providing the maximum available time for starting all runners will result in a reduced density across the course, at aid stations, and through to the finish. Controlling and modifying the flow of runners from the start provides a measurable reduction in course density.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Series endeavors to use this element as its guiding principle - the modification of race start structure – and the primary methodology for course density reduction; and an improved running experience.

Rock n Roll Marathon Series

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Return to Running Pledge

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As a running community, we believe that it is the responsibility of every member to play a role in keeping other runners, volunteers, staff and spectators safe at Rock ‘n’ Roll Series® events.

There are four notes to this approach that should guide all our behavior when we return to racing. They are:

  • Participant responsibility
  • Rock Solid self-support
  • Runner and walker etiquette
  • Respect for other runners, volunteers, staff and spectators

Thank you for doing your part in making sure that we rock on in a safe and considerate manner.

As a participant looking out for my safety and the safety of others, I will:

Be Responsible

  • Stay home if I am sick or have been in contact with someone that is sick.
  • Be Alert! I will read all event communication and signage, as it could contain important information on any new procedures and policies. I will follow safety instructions of staff, race announcers and race officials.
  • Respect physical distancing and look for any visual cues like tape, signage, and chalk that mark where I should stand, and how far apart I should be from others.
  • Utilize proper health and hygiene methods for hand washing, hand sanitizing, sneezing, and coughing.
  • Make sure to properly wear my face cover throughout various race venues outside of competition.
  • Read final instructions and other race materials to be best prepared for my event.
  • Show-up on time or at my assigned time for packet pick-up and my race start.
  • Wear my race bib properly, on the front of my chest.

Be Rock Solid 

Consider the following optional measures if I want to further reduce touchpoints and interactions between myself and others:

  • Utilize gear check only when necessary. I will only bring what I need to race and carry what I can.
  • Utilize aid stations only when necessary. I will touch only what I need and minimize touchpoints and physical interaction with volunteers and other participants.
  • Consider carrying my own fluids and nutrition by using a hydration pack, race belt, or race vest.

Observe Runner and Walker Etiquette

  • Consider the safety of others. I will adhere to best practices to protect others.
  • Respect lines for packet pick-up, toilets, etc. Observe physical distancing while waiting.
  • Let faster participants pass me. Follow road rules: If I drive on the left, I will pass on the left; as a slower runner I will stick to the right.
  • Let others know when I’m passing. I will verbalize my intention to pass and wait until it is safe to do so.
  • Look around and signal before slowing or stopping. Step aside to get out of the way of runners coming from behind.
  • Don’t stop at the finish line: I will move forward to allow space for those coming in behind me.
  • Keep moving once I have finished. I will move forward to allow space for those coming in behind me.
  • Grab refreshments and go. I will take the pre-packaged post-race refreshments, being considerate of those finishing after me.

Respect Others

  • Avoid spitting or expelling any other bodily fluids near others. 
  • Keep my distance. I will always give my fellow participants plenty of space.
  • Respect lines for packet pick-up, toilets, etc. I will observe physical distancing while waiting.
  • Celebrate with my no-touch cheers of support and encouragement for others.
  • Encourage friends and family to spectate safely in low-density zones, observe physical distancing and to stay home if they are sick or feeling unwell.
  • Respect the host community. I am their guest during race weekend, and I will act like it.
  • Thank the volunteers!  They are out here to help me achieve my goals.

I’m Ready to Rock On!

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