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Finisher Medals

Medals by Race


Whether you’re aiming for your first medal, your fiftieth, or to complete a collection, we understand the meaning behind the metal. And when it comes to finisher medals, we believe the blingier the better. With no two events sharing the same design, you can be sure that your medal is a one of a kind commemoration - earn it while you can.

Please note: Medals displayed here are the most recent versions. As new medals are revealed they will be added here.




Washington DC

New Orleans

San Antonio

2020 Marathon Medal Arizona
2020 Half Marathon Medal Arizona
2020 10K Medal Arizona
2020 5K Medal Arizona
2020 KiDS ROCK Medal Arizona
2019 Marathon Medal DC
2019 Half Marathon Medal DC
2019 5K Medal DC
2019 Marathon Medal Nashville
2019 Half Marathon Medal Nashville
2019 6.15 Medal Nashville
2019 5K Medal Nashville
2019 1 Mile Medal Nashville
2019 KiDS ROCK Medal Nashville
2019 Half Marathon Virginia Beach
2019 5K Virginia Beach
2019 1 Mile Virginia Beach
2019 Marathon Medal San Diego
2019 Half Marathon Medal San Diego
2019 Half Marathon Relay Medal San Diego
2019 5K Medal San Diego
2019 Marathon Medal Seattle
2019 Half Marathon Medal Seattle
2019 5K Medal Seattle
2019 Half Marathon Medal San Jose
2019 10K Medal San Jose
2019 5K Medal San Jose
2019 KiDS ROCK Medal San Jose
2019 Marathon Savannah
2019 Half Marathon Savannah
2019 5K Savannah
2019 1 Mile Savannah
2019 KiDS ROCK Savannah
2019 Marathon Las Vegas
2019 Half Marathon Las Vegas
2019 10K Las Vegas
2019 5K Las Vegas
2019 Marathon San Antonio
2019 Half Marathon San Antonio
2019 10K San Antonio
2019 5K San Antonio
2019 KiDS ROCK San Antonio
MEDAL – TBD Liverpool
MEDAL – TBD Madrid
MEDAL – TBD Oaxaca
MEDAL – TBD Cancun
MEDAL – TBD Medellin
MEDAL – TBD Philippines

San Diego


Virginia Beach