I am fond of the Rock ‘n’ Roll races because Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas was my first “big” race.  I had never seen anything like it.  I didn’t even know that races had expos.  I’ve run a lot of the Rock ‘n’ Roll races, which means I have a few favorites.  There are many great things about Rock ‘n’ Roll Races like the bands, music, awesome medals, and just meeting new people.  I’ve made some great running friends waiting on a race to start in my corral.  Now it’s time for me to share my favorite Rock 'n' Roll Races.



This race holds a special place in my heart because it was my first Rock ‘n’ Roll Race.  Though the course has changed over the years, it has always been one of my favorite courses.  The hills are challenging but the people are fun.  There are always great stops on course for fun pictures.  It is definitely a Texas sized race! I enjoyed running through the old neighborhoods of the old course, but now the big highlight is running across the Margaret Hunt Bridge.  And I really enjoyed running through Deep Ellum spotting all the cool shops and restaurants.  The biggest difference in the race now is finishing at the lawn at Reunion.  It’s a wide open space where you can really enjoy the post-race concert.

Philadelphia is an amazing city for a race. The course is beautiful and takes you places you never would imagine. I haven’t run this race in a couple of years but the course was fast.  I loved being able to start in the heart of the city and just take a tour through history on foot.  And of course, those Rocky steps are always a good photo op.  There is something about the city that is breathtaking and it’s great to be able to experience history while doing something that you love.  If you’re running this race,take a look around and take everything in while you run.


This is the birthplace of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series I’ve had the pleasure of running both the half marathon and marathon in this city. I have to say you get more bang for your buck with the marathon because you run in so many different places like Little Italy and along the water.  The headliner is always someone great. But the real gem rel="noopener noreferrer" of this race  is the city.  There are so many great places to go and lots of great food to eat.  Every turn there is something new to experience.  Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego is definitely an experience, so go give it a run.


I have run this race twice.  I decided I was going to run a marathon in every state and I wanted to run Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Louis as my Missouri marathon, but it was pulled the second year.  This was upsetting but that doesn’t take away from the race.  I love how the race starts around the Gateway Arch and all the interesting things around there.  This, hands down, is one of the prettiest races I’ve run.  

I’m not very familiar with the St. Louis area but it was great to run through downtown,  Mangrove area and Forest Park neighborhoods. The race is in October and the weather is usually on the chilly side so it’s perfect for running.  There are lots of hills but the weather is so great you don’t even notice. All I can say is, it’s one of the most scenic races I’ve had the pleasure of running.

As you can tell, I’m quite the traveling runner and have run many Rock ‘n’ Roll races across the country but the races mentioned here are some of my favorites.  I can’t wait to experience more!

What Rock ‘n’ Roll races have you run?  Which city is your favorite to run in?