Terms and Conditions

For registrations purposes, consider the following:

  1. The race organizers reserve the right of participation and admission to the race.

  2.  The information provided at the time of registration must be truthful and will be entirely the responsibility of the athlete, any type of inaccuracy or error in the information provided (Eg: gender, age, distance), a reason why the athlete renounces any claim based on their own error.

  3. The value of the cash registration in any of the distances includes the administrative cost of using the Active platform as well as the bank costs.

  4.  The values paid for registration are not refundable.

  5. The Race Organizers will NOT transfer the registration of an athlete under any circumstances to a third party.

  6. The registration to the Race may NOT be postpone or moved to another event.

  7. It is NOT ALLOWED the transfer of the registration to a person other than the one registered.

  8. In case the registered person cannot participate in the Race or cannot claim the competition kit on the dates established for the Race and for the delivery of kits, he/she CAN NOT, without exception and under no circumstances, claim the competition kit nor demand the value of registration.

  9. Registration can be made by paying by credit card or cash. When the payment is made in cash, the conditions indicated on the “PROCEDURE TO PAY YOUR REGISTRATION IN CASH” must be taken into account