Welcome to the United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon San Francisco

Below is everything you need to know to be prepared for race weekend. Read up, and you will be able to make it to the Start Line with fresh legs and a beaming smile.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook for instant event updates, to connect with other participants, and ask questions.


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Look-up Your Bib Number


Pace Teams

Experienced pacers from Run Club SF will help you reach the finish line at your goal time. Visit the Pace Team booth at the Health and Fitness Expo to join.

  • Half Marathon: 1:45, 2:00. 2:15, 2:30, 2:45, 3:00



New Start Line Procedure

We’ve upgraded your Start Line experience! In an effort to create a better and more festive atmosphere, we’ve added brand-new LED wristbands which will enhance your musical experience at the Start Line, on-course and at the Finish Line. 

During Athlete Check-In you will receive a new LED wristband along with your race bib and other race materials. YOU MUST WEAR THIS WRISTBAND ON RACE MORNING. Due to restrictions on PIER 35, we will no longer have traditional corrals and will not be staging runners into corrals all at once. Instead runners will line up based on the colors associated with their corrals. CLICK HERE to learn more!


  • Corral 1 – Red 
  • Corral 2 - Blue
  • Corral 3 - Green
  • Corral 4 - White
  • Corral 5 - Pink
  • Corral 6 - Yellow
  • Corral 7 - Teal
  • Corral 8 - Orange
  • Corral 9 - Light Blue

Running Tracking

Venue Maps


Time Limits

  • Half Marathon - 4 Hours


Finish Festival


Results will be available on the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series App immediately after the race.

  • Download the App
  • Select "United Airlines Rock 'n' Roll San Francisco"
  • Search your Bib Number or Name


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