Today’s post about the VIP treatment at Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah is brilliantly brought to you by Amy; member of Rock ‘n’ Blog and author of Mom’s Magic Miles!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I know – Savannah is way South. But it’s November and it still gets cold, y’all. At least it felt really cold to this Southern girl. VIP’s get access to a hospitality lounge in a host hotel. I was really grateful to have a place to park it INSIDE until it was time to head to the start line. We also had a dedicated bathroom. Okay, so the chicks still had a line because women + bathroom + compression gear = line, but it was nothing like the porta-potty lines outside!


Breakfast Is Served

Since this was a destination race for me, I was sleeping in a hotel. I completely forgot to bring anything with me to eat on race morning. I was going to have to subsist on room coffee and a Snickers bar. Then I walked into the VIP lounge where lights were shining, harps were playing and angels were singing. Not really. But there were bagels, bread, fruit and more coffee, so it was kind of the same thing.


Check Yo’Self

Actually, I did NOT have to check my gear myself. In that magical VIP lounge was a friendly staff person willing to take my gear bag for me. Someone transported it on a truck to the race finish and I retrieved it – inside the private VIP area, with no line whatsoever. No lines is a very big thing for me. Which brings us to….


Potty Like A Rock Star

I think this *may* have been my favorite part of VIP. Within the VIP area was a line of porta potties, just waiting for me. NO LINES. It made my heart happy. I had just busted out a PR but when I cooled down I was cold again. I wanted my jeans on. I wanted fresh socks. And I wanted to leisurely put them on. Yes, it was still a porta potty, but there was an attendant on hand to make sure they were well-supplied and clean. There was a table outside with an actual hand washing station and feminine supplies for sisters in need. And no line. Have I mentioned that? I could take my time getting changed because I knew there were not 50 people waiting to bust down that door.


This Ain’t Your Mama’s Race Food

Did I say that the private bathrooms was my favorite part? Hmm…. It’s a toss up between that and the food tent. The selection of food was AMAZING. Warm and cold sandwiches, salads, fruit, pasta, dessert – I have never eaten so well after a race. The flexibility of the VIP area made this a luxury I could take advantage of to the fullest. Did I mention that I hit a PR at this race? After that effort, I wanted something simple and light. I got a protein bar and a mimosa. Don’t judge – I was celebrating. But my stomach couldn’t really take anything else at that moment. I wandered out to hear the incredible Phillip Phillips perform in the park. After the concert the runger set in and I was ready to take whatever the VIP tent had to offer me. I wandered back in and loaded up, content.



I also experienced VIP access during the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville (previously Country Music Marathon) weekend in Nashville this year and I can tell you I am now spoiled. VIP is THE way to go! I’ll be availing myself of its magical properties again this November – after I hit that new PR!