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The Rock ‘n’ Roll Groupies Program is designed to support corporate wellness teams, student groups and large run clubs, providing a fun outlet for exercise and group bonding experiences.

Our Mission:

  • Create an atmosphere for group bonding and relationship building, not only on race day but throughout the training journey
  • Promote the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Provide an empowering and exciting experience that is even more fun when shared with a group


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Groupies program has loads of awesome benefits to help you engage your team members, and create a fun and exciting experience, with the least amount of effort and stress on your behalf. We're here to do the hard part for you! This means that come race day, all you need to do is put on your running shoes and enjoy the event!  Teams that are registered in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Groupies Program can access a range of benefits including: 

  • Bulk discounts
  • Team invoicing
  • Personalized team bibs
  • Direct support from your Rock ‘n’ Roll Groupies lead
  • Speak to your contact for additional race specific benefits you may qualify for!


We are excited to welcome groups of all kinds into our program Including: 

  • Corporate organizations
  • School groups
  • Run clubs
  • Friend groups
  • and MORE!

To qualify for the program, your group must be 25 people or more. 


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Groupies Program is designed to assist the team leader in getting their colleagues or community registered for their chosen Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series event.

Our internal Rock ‘n’ Roll Groupies lead is there to provide support through the registration process and ensure all team members arrive on race day with their bib ready to go.

Teams have a range of options from purchasing entries individually, to paying one invoice as a group to splitting 50/50 between the organization and the employee. With race locations across the country and distances from 1 mile to marathon, there truly is something for everyone!

Lets get started!

Step 1: Determine the race and distance(s) you’d like to run – check out or event calendar HERE!

Step 2: Gather your groups interest. Send out a survey or sign up sheet to determine the size of the group that will be participating. Note: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Groupies Program is designed for groups of 25 or more.

Step 3: Determine how you’d like to pay for the group participation.

  • Option 1: Organization or team lead pays for 100% of the employee or group entry fee
  • Option 2: Participant/employee is responsible for paying for 100% of their own entry fee
  • Option 3: Organization or team lead pays for a percentage of the entry fee, then the employee/participant is responsible for paying the remaining portion

Step 3: Get in touch! E-mail us at with the information from step 1-3 and a designated Rock ‘n’ Roll Groupies lead will get back to you to sign up your group.


Contact us at