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Earn more bling and perks when you enroll in our Heavy Medals Program. The Heavy Medals program is FREE for participants! Run two or more live and in-person marathons or half marathons with Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series from 2023-2024 and you'll qualify to earn extra bling! All you have to do is enroll online (form below), cross the finish lines, and start collecting today!

Check out our awesome 2023-2024 Heavy Medals!

Rock 'n' Roll Heavy Medals

Run 2 Races

Rock 'n' Roll Heavy Medals

Run 3 Races

Rock 'n' Roll Heavy Medals

Run 4 Races

Rock 'n' Roll Heavy Medals

Run 5 Races

Rock 'n' Roll Heavy Medals

Run 6 Races

Rock 'n' Roll Heavy Medals

Run 7 Races

Rock 'n' Roll Heavy Medals

Run 8 Races

Rock 'n' Roll Heavy Medals

Run 9 Races

General Questions

I am enrolled for multiple events this season, am I automatically qualified for the Heavy Medals Program?

How long does my Heavy Medals enrollment last?

Are Heavy Medals affected by the event distance I complete?

Do International events count towards my Heavy Medals total?

When can I start receiving Heavy Medals?

Can I still sign up for the Heavy Medal Program after I have completed a race and still receive all of my Heavy Medals?

Do I have to enroll as an Official Heavy Medalist for each event that I run?

Will my Rock ‘n’ Roll races from previous years count towards my current medal tally?

I have not received my medal. How can I check the status?

My Heavy Medal was sent to an old address. Can I still receive it?

I forgot to pick up my Heavy Medal after my qualifying race, can I still receive it?

I should have received a Heavy Medal in the past. Can I still receive it?

I am enrolled in the TourPass Program, does this automatically enroll me in the Heavy Medals Program?

Registration Questions

How do I start receiving my Heavy Medals?

 Do I need an account on to receive Heavy Medals?

How can I check if I’m enrolled in the Heavy Medal Program?

How do I manage my Heavy Medal registration or update any of my personal information?

I registered with a charity. Will this registration count toward Heavy Medals?

I registered online for one event and then at an expo for another. Will I still receive Heavy Medals?

Terms & Conditions

Competitor Group, Inc. reserves the right to change the qualification, terms, award designs, and artwork presented here at any time.