Like any club or group you belong to, there are specific characteristics that define and speak to what you are collectively. For runners, a lot of those defining things are disgusting (snot rockets), inappropriate to share at dinner (relieving yourself in public) or just downright incomprehensible to the non-runner (spending the equivalent of a car payment on a race entry).

You probably didn’t realize the first time you laced up your running shoes what you were getting yourself into. You may have even been a bit smug thinking, “I would never do that!” until you did…because you’re a runner.

Here are 10 surprising things you may do when you’re in the running club:

  1. Gain weight during marathon training:
    WTH? Isn’t running all those miles supposed to do the opposite? Well, only if you don’t use your three-mile speed workout to justify a pancake and ice cream breakfast.
  2. Change your circle of friends:
    Your non-running friends may start to hate you when you speak in code words like PR’s, LSD and BQs. Just sayin’.
  3. Bling obsession:
    Can you really justify flying over 1,000 miles for a half-marathon? If the finisher’s medal is super amazing you can.
  4. Odd Internet searches:
    Your partner, roommate or significant other may start seeing things like “discount codes for races,” “best places to run in the world,” and “discounted running gear” in your search history. #runnerporn
  5. Your shopping list:
    This may come as a surprise but not everyone has GU, chia seeds, chafing glide and hydration tablets on their weekly list.
  6. Speaking of chafing:
    It hurts. A lot. There may be sudden screams from the shower, embarrassing explanations to your bikini waxer and a lot of loose clothing worn when training for a long distance race. Or any race in the summer.
  7. You have a running shoe collection:
    It becomes a collection when you have over four pair. Check your closet and come back, because yes, you have more than four pair in there.
  8. Lower your modesty bar:
    Remember when you used to only go to the bathroom in a real toilet, in a room with four walls and a door? Me either.
  9. Join all the running groups:
    Between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you are part of 136 running-related social media circles. Oh and you may also write a running blog, just so everyone knows how hard you’re training and how many races you’re running. Perfectly normal.
  10. Change your phone contacts:
    Your “favorites” include at least two physical therapists and three massage therapists, all within a 20-mile radius. Injuries will not slow you down!