In our caffeine-crazed society, it is nearly impossible to find someone without a cup of java in hand. Runners are no different. In fact, caffeine has been known to be an adjunct to exercise, giving drinkers that jolt to get them going. Do certain runners identify with certain types of coffee? Well, I’ve done the research, and I have the shakes to prove it. The results are in:

1. Decaf: Basic, “Weekend Warrior” runners delight in this type, as anything more would give them heart palpitations, and ain’t nobody got time for that!



Image via Flickr: Angie Born, license

2. Black: Barefoot runners keep it simple with their morning beverage — because to them, the rest is unnecessary cushioning.


Image via Flickr: epSos .de, license

3. Colombian: Trail runners look to this roast to get them through that tough terrain.


Image via Flickr: McKay Savage, license

4. Flavored: Themed racers delight at the plethora of seasonal flavors as they gear up for their next costume run.


Image via Flickr: Ashley MacKinnon MacKinnon, license

5. Espresso: This beverage offers sprinters a kick in a glass to help them break the tape at the finish line.


Image via Flickr: brian, license

6. Cappuccino: Stroller-runner moms consider this their drink of choice. The espresso gives them a lot of bang for their buck, yet the smooth layer of foam is refined.


Image via Flickr: Evan Goldenberg, license

7. French roast: Often described as intense, spicy, bold and rich, this drink aligns with half marathoners. It also boasts a pleasant finish.

Image credit: iStockphoto

8. Latte: Marathoners grab this because it is rich with flavor, packed with espresso, and soothed with warm milk — perfect to power through that 26.2.


Image via iStock Photo, Copyright: amenic181

9. Iced: Ultrarunners enjoy this drink of choice because these insanely amazing people have ice in their veins.


Image via Flickr: Michael Sheehan, license

Top of the morning to you! Which kind of coffee is your favorite?