When you go out for a run, you never know what to expect. From funny pedestrians to different smells, you have to be ready for anything. Here are some of the good and bad smells that you might experience on a run.

1. The pungency of a trail run – Be careful. It might be a Sasquatch. Get out of there fast!

2. The stench of the homeless guy living down by the river – Or maybe it’s just your B.O.


3. Your neighbors’ barbecue – The ribs smell so good! Too bad that’s all you will think about for the next two miles.
4. Your own breath – You forgot to brush your teeth this morning, didn’t you?


5. The dog poop you stepped in a mile back.
6. Roadkill that’s a week old.



7. The medical marijuana being grown in backyards near the bike path – Not everybody wants to smell that, buddy!

8. More smoke coming out of car’s tailpipe than at a Cheech & Chong show.

9. Dirty diaper – Did someone in your running group crap himself? Do you offer him some Kleenex?

10. Perfume stronger than the fragrance counter at Macy’s – This isn’t date night, lady. A little goes a long way!


Have you ever come across any of these smells on your runs? We bet you have!