Music can make or break your workout. Powerful lyrics can propel you through the miles, while an annoying jingle can exacerbate your efforts. We posed the question on Facebook, “What’s the worst song you’ve ever gotten stuck in your head on a run?” The following songs topped the list. We’ve included the videos for easy listening — because what irritates one runner may energize another. You’re welcome.

An overwhelming majority thanked blamed your precious children for the youthful tunes that become engrained in your brain:

“‘Hot Dog Dance’ from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, courtesy of my awesome chitlins” -Brandy L.


“‘John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt’…for two-thirds of a 50K race.” -Stacie O.



“‘Let It Go'” -Rebekah H.


“‘The Wheels on the Bus.’ For 13 miles of a 16-miler.” -Cari J.



“‘I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee.’ (I’m a preschool teacher and saw a bumblebee on a flower.) Ugh!” -Sandie W.



“‘You are my honey bunch, sugar plum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin.’ My 3-year-old sings it, and it gets stuck in my head so much.” -Stephi N.



The repetition of the running motion turns some of you into songwriters:

“I change the lyrics of songs to be about running. So the song ‘Lucky’ by Daft Punk gets stuck in my head, but it goes, ‘We’re up at dawn to go running.’ I hate that song.” -Brittany L.

“I tend to make up my own terrible songs while running. They’re often titled, “This Was a Horrible Idea” or “I Am Dying.” They go on and on forever.” -Katie B.


Some of you can’t escape the peppy beats of dance-pop and EDM:

“I had the Macarena song stuck. That sucked.” -Krystle N.


“What Does the Fox Say” -Jenni M.


“Barbie Girl” -Jenny S.


Some of you shared what happens when catchy tunes have bad timing:

“‘If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it….’ Over and over and over…after a heartbreaking breakup. Lovely.” -Polly C.


“‘The Lazy Song’ by Bruno Mars is a less-than-motivating tune while in the middle of a long run….” -Rachel B.


Last but not least, we’ll leave you with this:

“‘The Safety Dance'” -Pat W.


Thanks to all runners who shared their songs!

Audience responses have been edited for grammar and clarity.

(Featured image via Flickr: Peter Mooney, license)