1. It’s 4:45 a.m. Your alarm hasn’t even gone off yet, and you are awake. This never happens. You actually don’t hate the idea of going out for a run.
  2. The lube’s on the counter, and there’s not even any hair stuck in it. You slather some on your dark areas that chafe like hell. You slip into the running clothes you laid out the night before because you are just that organized.
  3. The coffee is brewed by the time you come downstairs to the kitchen, as you were smart enough to set the timer the night before.
  4. You sip on your steaming coffee while having a few bites of a perfectly ripe banana. Then suddenly, it’s GO time.
  5. No, not GO time as in time to run, but GO time as in time to clean out the pipes. Some mornings you are not as lucky, and you don’t get things cleared out before you run. This has led to cramps, emergencies while running and unwanted farts. But not today. You are able to drop those kids (turds) off at the pool, no problem.
  6. You head out the door and realize that the weather is that perfect temperature for running — a cool 50-degree day with no wind and no rain.
  7. Your Garmin catches its satellite within five seconds flat, and you begin to run. It’s miraculous how that aching hamstring and touch of plantar fasciitis from last week have totally disappeared. Maybe you are not in a pre-injured state after all. Maybe you don’t have to punch someone in the face after all.
  8. You hit your first mile more quickly than expected. Somehow, running feels effortless today. You wonder: Is it the outstanding weather? The pre-run dump? The banana? You decide it doesn’t matter. You are just going with it.
  9. Feeling so good by Mile 5, you decide you will sign up for some sort of race when you get home. You’re a superstar. You know you can PR any distance based on today’s run. You wonder why you have ever questioned your running abilities.
  10. As you come into your sixth and final mile, the cross-country team from your local high school approaches from the other direction. They all look so strong, so young, so fast. For a moment, you feel ancient, fat and slow. As they pass you, they each give you a thumbs-up and yell, “Looking good!” Your confidence soars.
  11. You arrive back to your driveway feeling refreshed and accomplished. You relish this feeling as you know that fantastic runs such as this one come and go. Tomorrow’s run might suck balls, but until then you’ve got memories of today: the day everything fell into place.