Runners who post on Facebook easily become punching bags. They are criticized for bragging, not being truthful and oversharing. Runners post about finishing a long run, and they are deemed full of themselves with the intent to make others jealous. They write of nearly or fully crapping themselves on the run, and they are accused of providing too much information (TMI). They report having a “fantastic” run, and they are labeled as liars because no one likes to run that much. Here are a few posts we might want to write on Facebook but won’t for fear of being chastised.

1. The Rant Post.

“I have a stress fracture in my foot and cannot run for at least three months. I am so sick of all the runners out there posting about their amazing runs and races. Shut the f*ck up and have some respect for the injured.”

2. The TMI Post.

“You guys! You will not believe what happened to me on my 10-mile run today. I’ll start by telling you I committed the ultimate running sin and had a chili cheese burrito before my run. Suffice it to say I started cramping badly at Mile 6. At Mile 7, the farts started, only let’s just say some were not farts, but more of the shart variety. By Mile 8, it got ugly and messy. I had soiled myself! Not only did it smell but I had made the mistake of wearing light yellow shorts. You should have seen it!”

3. The Perceived Narcissistic Post.

“I am such a strong runner. I can feel with each mile how much I am improving. Today I ran 13 miles, and it felt effortless. People who say running is hard are wusses. They just don’t try and train hard enough.”

4. The Undercover Braggart Post.

“This is so crazy. Apparently they give first place medals to slow and pathetic runners like me who win marathons in large cities like New York!”

5. The Mundane Life Sharer Post.

“Today I got up and had half a cup of oatmeal with three slices of banana. I double tied my shoes and got my satellites on my Garmin because I was going for a run! I ran two miles to the end of the road and then stopped to stretch my hamstrings, which are feeling a bit tight lately. Also, I scratched a mosquito bite I must have gotten at Mile 1. What a full morning already!”

Any other types of posts you want to write but won’t or shouldn’t?

(Featured image via Flickr:Shane Global, license)